Marines surprises Syrian insurgents when watching live sex shows

Apparently, not even Jihad warriors are immune to the appeal of live sex shows. Last year, some 500 marines with heavy artillery took part in a final assault on ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, together with the units of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). In one of many skirmishes fought around the city, they managed to surprise enemy fighters in a small outpost while they were watching live sex shows.

The Desert Warfare

In 2017, Raqqa was the last major Syrian city still in the hands of ISIS. Some 5,000 fighters were stationed there, surrounded on all sides by Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of Kurdish fighters from People’s Protection Units (YPG) and several Arab militias. They were supported by 500 United States special forces, acting as instructors. The final assault was to be augmented by the additional force of 500 marines, supported by 155mm howitzers and a massive air campaign. The final assault on the city began in earnest on June 6th and lasted for more than four months.

The grisly battle took a tremendous toll on the attackers, with almost 700 soldiers killed during the assault. ISIS fared even force, having lost almost the entire force that was defending the city, with half of it killed. A huge chunk of those killed came from the Marine artillery battalion, supporting the attack with their M777 howitzers and delivering a stunning amount of ordinance to insurgents’ positions. During the five months of their deployment, they managed to fire 35,000 155mm rounds, completely burning out several howitzers in the process. For comparison sakes, during the entire Iraqi war in 2003, the entire United States artillery fired 34,000 rounds of the same ammunition. The overwhelming fire support played a critical role in liberating Raqqa and without it, the losses on the coalition’s side would be far worse.

Live Sex Shows in Syrian Desert

While fighting at the approaches of Raqqa, Marines managed to surprise a small force of ISIS fighters in a village called al-Assadiah, some 5 kilometers from Raqqa. One of the reasons they were distracted was that they didn’t expect an attack from that direction. The other, more important one, was discovered when Marines entered their compound and discovered several laptops, hooked up to the satellite Internet link. This state-of-the-art equipment wasn’t used for some high-tech military purpose, like surveillance or hacking into the enemy command grid. Instead, ISIS fighters were using it to watch live sex shows. They were so immersed in watching naked cam girls that they failed to notice Marines until they were right upon them. Being bested in a battle with the world’s best fighting force is one thing, but getting caught by the enemy in the war zone while you are trying to get off a quick wank while watching some live porn is just plain embarrassing, as ISIS fighters learned soon enough, suffering the endless mockery of their Marine captors.

Marines enjoy nude cam models

To the victor goes the spoils, the old saying goes and Marines weren’t shy at taking advantage of their rightfully earned loot and, as they later told the reporters, manage to sneak a peek into the ISIS insurgents’ favorite nude cam models. After all, even Marines are human and after months of heavy fighting, staying away from a computer screen with beautiful naked girls proved to be too much for them. Some of them didn’t agree with the choices they predecessors were viewing, but with thousands of girls to choose from, they managed to find shows that suited them. Some even exchanged a few messages with sexy girls in their chat rooms, who were not a little surprised to discover that they are being watched in the middle of Syrian Civil War, and by both sides to boot. Some of them decided to support the troops the best way they know how and put on a free show for delighted Marines. The girls’ support was very appreciated by Devil Dogs.

Live Cam Girls Chat with Marines

The short lull in fighting came as much welcomed distraction for the Marines, something to take their minds of the harsh realities of the civil war and the atrocities committed by ISIS they witnessed daily. In Raqqa, ISIs gathered their best and most determined fighters, who hold no bars in trying to defend their stronghold. One of the reasons for such high losses and heavy artillery and air support needed to take the city form their hands was ISIS’ determination to defend it with all means possible. Car bombs, ambushes, tunnels connecting fortified houses and streets were just some of the things regularly seen in the battle for Raqqa. Suicide attackers were especially feared by the troops on the ground and they were common occurrences as they penetrated deeper into the city, claiming many lives of both coalition fighters and civilians alike. ISIS-held Raqqa for three years and has used the time well, transforming the city of 300,000 before the war into one giant fortress. The attack on Raqqa will be studied by both sides, in anticipation of the similar attack on Mosul, the last ISIS stronghold in Northern Iraq. The preparations for that assault are well underway and after this incident, you can bet that there will be at least one briefing on the topic “What do to if the enemy is caught watching live sex shows”.

The party didn’t last, unfortunately, as ISIS counterattacked to try and regain their lost position. A few mortar rounds landed on top of the compound and destroyed the former watch post, together with laptops and satellite uplinks. Fortunately, Marines suffered no casualties and managed to repel the attack, but that was the end of their fun time with nude cam girls, at least until they returned to their base.



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