Insurgent Attacks

Haqlaniyah, Iraq

A group of Marines working outside the forward operating base in Haqlaniyah was attacked in the afternoon of June 3rd by three enemy combatants. The attackers were wearing face masks and were armed with automatic rifles.

A squad of Marines from the base reacted in minutes and counter-attacked the insurgents on the street, killing two of them after a firefight that lasted just ten minutes. There were no Marines injured during the action.

Haqlaniyah, a city of 15,000 inhabitants is no stranger to this kind of attacks and Marines have come t expect them in these violent surroundings. Less then a month ago, Marines from Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment tried to disarm the armed insurgents in an abandoned hotel but were met with resistance. The assault lasted for hours until air support hit the building with precision-guided bombs and destroyed it. Marines suffered no casualties and all enemy combatants were killed in action.

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