Marine: New U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Threw Us Under the Bus


A Marine wrongfully accused of killing civilians says that President Obama’s new Afghanistan war commander is unqualified to lead coalition forces.

In January President Obama tapped Army Lt. Gen. John Nicholson to lead the war in Afghanistan, as the administration confronted the possibility of a long-term troop presence in the country. Nicholson, an Army Ranger, sailed through Senate confirmation on Feb. 4.

The hasty confirmation disappointed retired Marine Major Fred Galvin.

“It is never good for a foot soldier when this guy is in charge,” Galvin told the Washington Free Beacon in a telephone interview from his Kansas home. “I don’t consider him a military leader. He’s a politician.” Read full story here

The Marines' new ad campaigns will feature more women


, Marine Corps Times

The Marine Corps’ next advertising campaign will show more female Marines in the fleet and at war.

Marine Corps Recruiting Command recently teamed with a major advertiser and market researchers to find out what drives women to want to join the Corps. One company interviewed female poolees at recruiting stations across the country and women training to earn their eagle, globes and anchors at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, to get their feedback.. Read full story here

Millennials Want To Send Troops To Fight ISIS, But Don't Want To Serve


Here is a great snap shot of a percentage of the youth of America currently. They want free education but can’t begin to explain how that works because hundred dollar bills apparently grow on trees and unicorns fart rainbows. They are the “me,me,me” generation or aka millennial generation.

The institute has asked millennials about the idea of American boots on the ground at three different times this year, and the survey results have fluctuated somewhat, but there seems to be a "hardening of support."

In this most recent survey, 60 percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds polled say they support committing U.S. combat troops to fight ISIS. But an almost equal number (62 percent) say they wouldn't want to personally join the fight, even if the U.S. needed additional troops.

So it does not surprise me one bit, not one second theses oxygen thief’s think along the lines of they Want To Send Troops To Fight ISIS, But Don't Want To Serve. As soon as they told me that statement I would ask them who stole their spine, but I guess they would have to have one first before someone could take it from them. They are so dependant on the big government they have never had a original thought for themselves. Here are your Berni & Hillary voters folks, vote for the Gove to take care of me generation is what it should be called. Freaking sad. Vomit. Puke. Time for a C-Gar

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Thank a Vet..its the least we can do - Veterans Day

For every warrior this country has had defend her, for every dad, brother sister, mom, for every spouse that has endured the sacrifice as their warrior goes away, we that have served know the true sacrifice and yet the honor that encompasses serving this country.  For those that came before us, those that serve now, thank you for our service. We wouldn’t be America, land of the free without you.  Semper Fidelis…Time for a C-Gar


Source: John Moore/Getty Images

 The below was received from a friend and I think it was very well done: I remember the day I found out I got into West Point. My mom actually showed up in the hallway of my high school and waited for me to get out of class. She was bawling her eyes out..


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First-term Marines are slow to sign on for another enlistment


Why might you ask? Could it be that the Marine Corps had a policy of a 1:1 ratio of combat deployments to time back in the states and they have ran it into the ground? Could it be that the USMC is cutting at the cyclic rate and Marine would rather work for someone that is actually going to keep them around....and pay them better?? Could it be that Marines are simply fed up with how the military is being lead in Washington? You make your own conclusions...

The Marine Corps is making slower progress towards re-enlistment targets for fiscal year 2016. As of Oct. 5, just over 33 percent of targeted first-term boat spaces were filled compared to 53 percent at the same time last year, according to Marine administrative message 490/15.


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US reportedly considers leaving thousands of troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016

Afghanistan September_Cham640360

Amazing, your warriors have been restricted so much that they haven't been taking the fight to the enemy but staying on their bases due to rules of engagement by this administration. Now, especially after the news of the "Retired Marine Gen. John Allen, who was picked by President Barack Obama last year to lead a coalition fight against the Islamic State, will step down from his post in early November"  because,Allen's frustration with the way the White House is micromanaging the war effort".

How can it be anymore clear that this administration is simply putting this war on hold while your warriors pay the sacrifice? Now they are saying that we need to stay there well after 2016. Well of course we do, if we want to win because we haven't done dick since this president took over and that boys and girls is how the enemy gets stronger and organizations like isis are built.  Read more here Time for a C-Gar


obama allows illegals into the military


You may have heard where Obama has allowed “illegals” to join the military.

Ok, before all you Obama lovers attack me, get your facts straight, yes Pres George Bush initiated Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program (MAVNI) during the Iraqi war In December 2008. The Defense Department announced a pilot program to temporarily allow certain legal aliens who were doctors or nurses -- or could speak certain in-demand languages such as Haitian-Creole, Chinese or Farsi OR had special skills to aide our military-- to join the military. (Spanish is not on the language list.)


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We hump til we die - Mt Mother F'er

Trailer for Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click. on TrailerAddict.

Joining my beloved Marine Corps isn’t a free ticket. You don’t get a free pass because we need you. We would rather go to war with 100 dedicated fighters than 10000 place holders (hello Army). Boot camp is where Marines are made. It is not easy, if it was easy, everyone would be a Marine and for those of you thinking about joining my beloved Corps, know, it is never easy being green.  Usually about the first 48 hours even the most motivated recruit asks him/herself “what the hell did I get myself into”.


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