“It’s more about the Wounded Warrior Project and less about the wounded warrior.”

You may have read or have seen how the Wounded Warrior Project helps vets. You will see their label all over the NFL and sexy commercials where they take “vets” sky diving etc. However, you better do your homework when it comes to donating to the Wounded Warrior Project.

If they were simply out to “help” warriors that would be one thing however, when they are making hands over fist cash on the backs of actual wounded warriors, I have issues with that.

Let’s take a look at their salaries:

Top Three Salaries at Wounded Warrior Project (Based on Fiscal Year-Ended 09/30/13)





Steven Nardizzi

Executive Director

$  397,490


Albion Giordano

Deputy Executive Director

$  365,405


Jeremy Chwat

Chief Program Officer

$  240,364



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Help those that help the warriors!


The AnySoldier charity that first helped me in Afghanistan in 2004, needs your help now.

Donate & help Maj Pain, help AnySoldier

Since our beginning in August 2003, Any Soldier® has become world known, and we currently support the majority of the military deployed in the war on terrorism.

The rest need your help -- and so do we.

Any Soldier Inc. is still in desperate need of donations to fund our operations.  The economy has hit us very hard and donations have declined drastically over the last five years.  Your donations will allow us to continue to focus on certain high-priority initiatives we are undertaking (read more here)


Does the V.A. Have More Secret, Deadly Wait Lists?


During the Iraq and Afg war, America was spent well over $6 Trillion dollars. In 2013 the official report stated the Government had well over $1 Trillion set aside for spending to care for veterans returning from combat through 2050(source - Crawford, Neta and Catherine Lutz. "Economic and Budgetary Costs of the Wars in Afghanistan, ) In all of Zeuses Maximus does it make even the slightest sense that now in 2014, we apparently have no money to care for our heroes?

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Beyond The Bumper Sticker: 10 Ways Americans Can Support the Military Family


by Erin Whitehead, Marine Corps spouse

Yesterday, many Americans paused to honor those who have served and continue serving in our nation’s military. Flags were flown and prayers were said in civilian homes and backyards around the country.

But because of the nature of our lives, the military spouse community has a special understanding of the meaning behind Memorial Day. For us, it is not simply another day off work, a chance to BBQ, or the opportunity to save big bucks on a mattress or new car. It is about honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country… a sacrifice that can keep us awake at night with worry. 

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Add your blog to One Marine's View Blogroll and make a difference

OMV has recently gained  a lot of new readers and for those techno geek super brains out there that do statistics, OMV isnt doing to bad with the amount of daily readers but we have a long way to go.

With our new design we have restarted our Blogroll (a list of similar like minded bloggers-listed on the far right side of the page)mainly because the last virus attack wiped out the previous blogroll. Notice OMV doesn’t play the “advertising game” on the site? It clog’s up the site and It’s not about making money, it’s about getting the word out. However, we do help charities from time to time.  So one reader suggested having blogs make a donation to www.anysoldier.com (in any amount) send me proof you made a donation via email and BAM your blog is added to the blog roll of OMV. Not only does your blog get more readers, you are helping the deployed warriors.  It’s a Win Win!!!


If you don’t have a blog, why note donate anyway to www.anysoldier.com?  The site facilitated me & my warriors to receive the basic things when we needed it most.

Time for a Cgar!


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