UPDATE: Blue Angel Pilot Killed in Fiery Crash, Identified as Marine Captain

The Blue Angels pilot killed in a fiery crash in Smyrna, Tennessee on Thursday afternoon has been identified.

Captain Jeff Kuss served as the “opposing solo pilot” for the Blue Angels, flying in the number 6 position. He joined the team in September 2014. Read full story here




Today about an hour before the Blue Angel crash, a USAF Thunderbolt crash landed in Colorado Springs during a graduation Read more here

Memorial Day

Take the the time today to remember all of those that made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and you. Without them, this country would be very different. Its hard enough to go through life and even harder if you have lost a loved one defending this country. Today, remember those that died defending it. Time for a C-Gar

Vietnam soldier saved from the dead honors his fellow veterans - Memorial Day


Memorial Day - Many don't even understand the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. However, one warrior understands it very clearly. Watch his video here - Time for a C-Gar


PINCKNEY, Mich. -- There are 58,315 names on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. And this is the story of why there's not one more -- a story about a soldier who came about as close to dying as any man alive. John Colone's blessing of a nightmare began on Feb. 19, 1968. His Army Airborne platoon was on patrol near the Ca Ty river when he and his men came under intense enemy fire. Read full story here

Old Guard places flags in Arlington National Cemetery



Every year, a special group of soldiers marks Memorial Day on hallowed ground.

Members of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, known as the "Old Guard," place American flags on every gravesite for service members at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The tradition, which is known as "Flags In" has been carried out for more than 60 years.

In all, more than 228,000 of the small flags are placed near each headstone by the measure of the soldier's boot length.

Flags are also placed at the graves at the Soldiers and Airmen's Home National Cemetery. Read full story here