What is your favorite holster?


Many readers of my blog (www.onemarinesview.com) have mentioned in emails etc. about different types of concealed carry holsters in discussions. I have tried out a bunch and one of my favorites is the CrossBreed super tuck. I have to say this is a nice holster as you can even wear a t-shirt and not notice the weapon on your hip.
So I open the floor to you and what you claim to be the "best concealed carry holster"  Time for a C-Gar

Amazing New Technologies to Make America's Military Even Stronger.............and then some created for and by Lance Corporals



I came across this article showing some very sexy not so futuristic weaponry being developed in the 200lb think tanks in America. Cool story bro,  but I can’t wait to see these beasts work after a 21 year old Lance Corporal Marine gets ahold of them, spills ham slice MRE juice on them, wipes his Copen Hagen spit off of them, or how they work after being in harsh conditions like that of Afghanistan with moon dust dirt everywhere. I'm going to bet, the 200lb brain engineers didn't grunt proof these new gadgets.....big mistake.....huge.


I think, they should hire the same young Marines to develop the next generation of weapons that would survive the initial contact of our young Marines and let them use them (remember, if it works, it isn't dumb). Some of them may include:

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US military conducts air assault in Syria against ISIS, a first

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I do find it interesting that back during Iraq & Afg, there were stories and even updates on the news about America's warriors fighting badguys. Now, perhaps I missed it, you don't see anything about it unless it's some talking head trying to boost their ratings or stir up controversy.

The "news" today is a joke. More of a revenue machine instead of a information venue. Reporters obligation to report the facts and provide checks and balence have disappeared into making rating and causing controversy. Pathetic. 

This is why I think some bajilionaire, should hire me to start the NSN, No Shit Network! I would even have a morning show, with a cigar and black coffee. Veterans could be the hosts, infantry guys would give the weather and probably include a few F bombs describing the Fing cold front. Dudes with beards giving gun reviews, local police and firemen featured and shown as heroes instead of lame ducks like that Kapernack looser. 

I have to hire a bunch of you readers for special segments, everyday average joes, telling it like it is. 

There would probably random animals as guests on the set, adoptions and if we were backed with enough dough, we wouldn't need ratings to make money and regardless, I bet we would have a large audiance. Only in America! Time for a C-Gar!

Read more here about syria.

Douglas Albert Munro - Motto Monday


With todays milk toast students coming out of universities, America needs to remember what real heroes, what real men are like. Now, before you begin to bag on the US Coast Guard, read the below citation. Then read it again and bag on these types of warriors. Sure, all branches had heroes, they still do.

I highly recommend this book to any young American. They can read the actual citations of warriors and learn what great heroes this country has. Time for a C-Gar




One of the Most Legendary Military Units in History is Being Sent to Fight ISIS


What happens when you take 2 cans of whoop ass, 2 ounces of anger and a shit ton of ammo and explosives and mix it together? You get a bad ass fighting force that will bring holy hell to your bad guy kind of day.


One of the most legendary units in United States military history is joining the fight against ISIS. An additional 300 United States paratroopers are headed to Iraq from Fort Bragg in North Carolina.  The soldiers are members of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. The legendary Army unit’s participation marks escalated efforts by the Trump Administration to remove Islamic State fighters from the besieged city of Mosul.

The only thing worse than seeing fire eaters descend from the sky hooked to parachutes is a bunch of US Navy ships filled with Marines on the horizon of your shit filled country. Good luck bad guys! Read more here Time for a C-Gar!!