Meet Gen Mattis - Potential Dept of Defense pick, Marine legend.


Meet Gen Mattis. He is currently on the short list of President Trump for the Secretary of Defense. He is a Marine’s Marine. To the point, accurate and will speak his mind. Mainly the reason he was forced out. He scared people. Marines love him.

Marines love him like they love Chest Puller. In fact, perhaps Mattis is the new “Chesty”. Some may argue, and although Gen Mattis isn’t sporting the many, many awards of Chesty Puller, he is in the same cut as Chesty. Who am I fooling, no one will ever be more masculine, heroic, or Gung Ho as Chesty. But, Gen Mattis is a close second.

Quick War story:

I was in Ramadi, Iraq (2004-2005) as a Captain with 2d Marines. I was the Aide de Camp (not a real fun job) but my Sgt Maj and General were kick ass so actually it was a great billet, especially in combat. Gen Mattis was coming to visit my General and arriving in a “safe” LZ. Doesn’t exist in Ramadi.

Sniper threat was constant so I had my gun crews continue to peer out with binos to deter any potential snipers to take a shot as out guys had eyes “out” and would most likely see the shot and would bring holy hell onto the potential sniper.

It would have it as the aircraft landed and we made our way to meet the General, a sniper round struck one of our gun trucks. As I and others began to react and get our VIPs in safe haven, mortars followed. I threw my VIP in the truck (and was quickly counseled on trying not to break his neck as I literally threw him in). There stood Gen Mattis in the middle of the LZ and with numerous Marines ushering him into Hummers, he later stated (when the shit calmed down) “Man I miss this shit”……That’s Gen Mattis. Time for a C-Gar

Retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis is something of a legend in the US military. Looked at as a warrior among Marines, and well-respected by members of other services, he's been at the forefront of a number of engagements. 

And with the 66-year-old retired four-star general having met with President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday to discuss a possible job offer as defense secretary, it's worth looking back on what he was really like in uniform.

He led his battalion of Marines in the assault during the first Gulf war in 1991, and commanded the task force charging into Afghanistan in 2001. In 2003, as a Major General, he once again took up the task of motivating his young Marines to go into battle.

One day before beginning the assault into Iraq, on March 19, 2003, every member of 1st Marine Division received this letter, written in Mattis' own hand. Read more here

California family booed on flight bringing home soldier killed in Afghanistan

I just don't get it. A family escorts their warrior back to North Carolina and while in California the flight crew announced that the flight would be delayed a bit due to a Gold Star family. For you slow kids, that means the parents of a warrior killed in action is on board and they are loading the body of the hero. Subsequently, the fellow stellar passengers booed as a result of the announcement. Really? Kinda defines our society today (not to mention California). Despite for lack of compassion, respect, or should I even include patriotism, these "Americans" didn't even worry about the Gold Star family inconvenience that has affected their entire life, but only their own. Way to stay classy Cali......I truly feel for that family. Their son is a hero. Time for a C-Gar


Sgt. John Perry was killed on Saturday in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber.

His father, Stewart Perry, mourned the loss of his son at a service on Thursday.

“Most importantly, I want people to know about the heroic thing that my son did,” he said.

His son stumbled on the suicide bomber before he could reach his target, a soldiers’ 5K Veterans Day run. Read more here


Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Make Huge Gains in Congress


There was allot of attention this election year towards the Presidency, However, there were some other patriotic developments from your veterans. Check put the below stories of your heroes making a difference. Time for a C-Gar

27 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq won Congressional seats on Tuesday night, while several more races are still being decided.

In addition, former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens won the governorship of Missouri in an upset that fellow Navy SEAL and Vice News reporter Kaj Larsen called “one incredibly bright spot in the American political landscape.”

Greitens served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and defeated his opponent, Democrat Chris Koster, by a very small margin in a hotly contested race.  He is the CEO of a nonprofit called The Mission Continues and the author of several books. Read more here








Veterans Day

2016-11-11 16.44.35

a Veteran is someone, who at one point in their life, wrote a blank cheque payable to their country for an amount up to, and including, their life. Regardless of personal political views, it is an honor to serve one's country, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact.  Thank you to all who serve, past, present, and future, to defend my rights in this country.

Today is your day and America is proud of all of you,current and those that came before. Time for a C-Gar

No better friend, No worse enemy - 241 years of kicking ass


I started my day off by finishing my bitter black cup of delicious coffee, enjoyed a morning cigar, then went for a good run with mans best friend (my dog).

On this Marine Corps Birthday as I ran I thought of all of the great Marines I have served with, those that never came home and those that went before me. No where have I ever been so proud of my fellow co-workers, brothers, Marines.

Regardless if you don't know the Marine, when you meet, you immediately have the mafia bond of the Marine Corps. I thought back of Marines and them saying phrases like:

-Hold my beer, watch this......

-Hurry up and wait....

-Seriously, more annual training?

-I shouldn't have gone out last night, lets get this PFT over with.....

-Great, we have been extended....

-Roger that Sir

-This is bullshit.....or this sucks

It's something one cant explain unless you have been there sharing the "suck" with your fellow Marines, experiencing crap and watching young Marines excel with pride, enduring ugly things and coming through with flying colors. We ask our Marines to push themselves to a level they didn't think they could achieve because in combat they continue even well past the bar we set for them.



The "la familia" is an earned position. Once a Marine always a Marine, no one can ever take that away from Marines. We aren't "former" Marines, we are Marines regardless if we are retired, dead, or active duty. We are Marines and we have been the nations "breach up the middle" force for the past 241 years.


Foreign countries fear Navy ships on the beach horizons because they know they are full of Marines that have been kept in the deepest part of the ship, bitter and ready for a fight.


We volunteer to travel to nasty places, do the unthinkable while we remain polite as those we are to help, try to kill us, we walk through fire and try to muster a smile afterwards. Marines, they come in two variations, big, mean, short haired or skinny mean and short hair. They are usually the most arrogant, bad mouthed, "raunchy" tattooed individuals but would feed a stray  kitten some of his MRE peanut butter bar for a little companionship.  They will protect the weak and beat down the evil in a blink of an eye. If you fight one, get ready for  long fight because you will have to fight them all (good luck).

We have been described as a cult, we harp on discipline, traditions and worship warriors like Sgt Basilone and Chesty Puller and have a beautiful bulldog as our sexy mascot. We may argue among ourselves or even one of our fellow brother military branches, but if you take us on, we will immediately become one and turn on you. Many don't understand.


I can't exactly explain what being a Marine is truly like unless you have walked onto those footprints, then you know. I can tell you Marines are Americas proudest and will gladly go forward in harms way to fend of Americas threats. That alone includes allot of tenacity, training, dedication, sacrifice and patriotism. It isn't easy being a Marine or else everyone would be one.

To all my fellow Marines, I am proud to call you brother, proud of what you have done, what you will do in the future and proud of those that went before us. No better friend, no worse enemy. Semper Fi and Happy Birthday Marines. Time for a C-Gar




Two Marine F/18s collide (out of San Diego)


Marine pilots are routinely pushing the limits. Although now, they do it with the antiquated F-18 as they take parts off of unserviceable F18s to fix those in use. This has been a continuous delay and problem for the USMC as they wait their shipment of the F-22 Raptors. Until then, as Marines always do, we "make it work". Time for a C-Gar

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Two Marine fighter jets collided Wednesday over the Pacific off San Diego and both pilots were safe after one landed at a nearby base and the other ejected into the water, military officials said. Read more here