No Shit Cigar Review - Kristoff San Andres


I happen to visit one of my favorite cigar stores recently and the Kristoff cigar rep happen to be there and we hit it off discussing different cigars likes and dislikes. He then offered me a few freebies if I bought a couple of his brand…..You had me at hello.

The first Kristoff review of three is:   


Cigar Brand: Kristoff San Andres Gordo

Size: 6x60  (see sizes explained here)

Individual cost: If you pay over $8 for this you are getting hosed. Box price here

What kind of car would I drive if I smoked this cigar? None, you would drive a truck or Harley. Period. Trucks and Harleys are designed for cigar smokers. Trucks are perfect for developing a nice cloud layer of freedom air along the cab roof and frankly, when you see someone driving a truck with a cigar, if you avoid the warning signs, no one can help you. Sometimes when a “female” species gets in my truck, I have heard the phrase “this truck smells like cigars” which I reply with, “you can walk”. Harleys, self-explainable.


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