If he isn't down, why are you? - Motto Monday

Don't for one second think, ugh, Monday's suck, unless you are in the same situation as this warrior. If your not, suck it the hell up! I don't care if your "Monday" has 100 meetings, a large chore list etc etc. If you aren't a quadruple amputee and have been through combat like this warrior, don't start telling me about how your Monday was tough or whine about free education or any bullshit. Get into your day and kick ass, because this warrior is!

Time for a C-Gar


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Running for their lives: Retired Navy man does marathons to honor fallen heroes- Motto Monday

Jessica Theobald and her parents left their home in the early morning hours to drive from Pittsburgh to Baltimore to watch as Sid Busch, a man they’d never met, run a marathon.

But it was no ordinary marathon for either Busch or the Theobalds. Busch, a retired Navy senior chief petty officer, has completed hundreds of marathons and half-marathons as a way to honor fallen service members.


“My goal is always to get publicity for these young men and am always embarrassed that the attention is given to me. People respond so well to what I am doing and that is very humbling.” - Sid Busch, retired Senior

Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy

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Front Row Seats To A Backseat IED Blast - Motto Monday

In the event you were actually wondering what it was like to be in an IED blast, here’s a quick synopsis. You feel an utter lack of control in a single second that seems to last at least one hour. There is a sound similar to a pillow being punched, immediately followed by a squealing that seems like it will never stop. Your vision is completely cut out, either surrounded by light, or full of dust.


Close call - Motto Monday

Because this administration has let the enemy get stronger by mandating we stay on our FOBs (fwd operating bases) your warriors are in the fight like this vis the momentum we had last year with the enemy on their heals. This is an example of what they go through every day. Tell them how bad your Monday was. Time for a C-Gar

What It Was Like To Be Hit By A 40lb IED - Motto Monday


Its easy to not know what your warriors go through, its easy as out of sight out of mind. However, know, one thing for sure, someone has to go and fight the enemy, go toe to toe with them and kill them, that's what your Marines do. Time for a Cigar


In the first three and a half months of our deployment to Sangin, Afghanistan it seemed like every day you heard about someone else getting shot or blown up. The IED (Improvised explosive device) situation in Sangin was a phenomenon in the worst way imaginable, not only physically but psychologically as well. I couldn’t believe how many IEDs were with us in that town, we literally had to watch every single step we took.

There were a few different types of IEDs that we ran into typically but usually they were either command-wire or pressure plates IEDs. Put simply, command wire IEDs are remotely detonated by a trigger-man watching a patrol and pressure plate IEDs are victim detonated when someone steps on a plate completing a circuit attached to the explosive charge.

After the first time I was blown up all I could think was, “Wow, they finally got me.” Read full story here