Afghanistan: Would you do it again? Motto Monday


Afghanistan, Iraq (insert any shit hole here) Would you do it again? Absofreakinlutley…..

Deployments suck. In the Marine Marine Corps, Okinawa is often a spectacular visit for seven months (not) it sucks. Combat deployments suck as well. Despite you are away from your family and every awesome thing America has to offer, you are also in harms way. In the infantry, you usually are in the shittiest of places. My luxurious bombed out vet hospital we called a FOB (Forward Operating Base) was a shit hole. Another Major and I shared a mud wall horse pen with the floor of dirt,hay and horse shit and who knows what other diseases lurked in the dust and let’s not forget all of the other little critters that come along with sleeping in a barn….without a roof. But hey, we are Marines (improvise,adapt,overcome)and after a couple drug deals with the logo we had some cami net roofing, and pallets as a floor. Bam! Instant pimp my crib!

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Douglas Albert Munro - Motto Monday


With todays milk toast students coming out of universities, America needs to remember what real heroes, what real men are like. Now, before you begin to bag on the US Coast Guard, read the below citation. Then read it again and bag on these types of warriors. Sure, all branches had heroes, they still do.

I highly recommend this book to any young American. They can read the actual citations of warriors and learn what great heroes this country has. Time for a C-Gar




Harley-Davidson Rejects Military Wife’s Late Check, Sends Her Tear-Jerking Letter Instead. Motto Monday


Regardless if you ride a Harley or not, you have to admire the patriotism of this particular Harley dealer. Well done gentlemen. well done. Time for a C-Gar!

It turns out, many years ago– during the Vietnam War– Dennis was nearly drafted but was discharged due to a medical problem. Since then, he’s been extra aware of the sacrifices made by our armed forces, and he’s always been looking for ways to give back.

That’s why accepting Jaime’s money was not only a problem for Dennis personally, but it was against a policy Dennis has upheld throughout his 18 years of ownership. Read more here



Monkey Stomp Awaits - Motto Monday

Butt Kicking  View Tower1

This is a small snap shot of one day during one of my deployments (Oct 11, 2005). It’s interesting to look back and I can remember it like yesterday. The smells, the feeling of the dirt, the long deployment continuing. I can remember everything about that day and I’m glad it’s in the past.  Get yourself a cup of coffee and cigar and read over a snap shot of one day during a deployment.  Just remember, your Monday could be worse. Time for a C-Gar


Today was a good day. However, one of our convoys was hit by and IED, there were no injuries. That was just one of many IED attacks beginning last night along with a single rocket impact (no factor). A couple detonations went off through the night but I just inched a little closer to the hesco and sandbags as they are the last line of defense for keeping red hot shrapnel giving me a new orifice. Near by, the engineers dropped a building that had been used by dirt bags to sharp shoot at Soldiers. Chalk up one abanded building collapsed and turned to useless rubble.


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