Mission Accomplished - Missing Dog Tag


You may see the above picture on Facebook about a missing Marine’s dog tag and everyone trying to track him down which was found by chance two years ago by an Australian teacher visiting the site of the former U.S. military base in Khe Sanh and was posted online in the hopes that others could provide information leading to the whereabouts of the Marine, identified only as Martinson, L.P., service number 1984025, religion Lutheran. Well he has been found and the dog tag has been returned thanks to some help of some active duty Marine (named Joshua Laudermilk ). It belongs to Sgt Lanny Paul Martinson who lives in Texas. Feel free to pass this on to those on Facebook who send it to ya. When you need a job done right, call the Marines!

Time for a C-Gar!


One Marine asking for help and making a difference


You may remember this story about Sgt. Al Brenner who like many of our wounded warriors, find themselves in a hard place only to have some turn to suicide. I contacted the warrior after I heard of his story and as an update, he now has a home! Al has broken the code on the specifics in making a difference and wants to tell the world. I wonder why the government & country he went to war for isn’t listening to him? This is one Marine making a difference and he tells us how below.


I asked Al, “How can I help your efforts?”


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One Marine asking for help - Al's Corner

It is not Sgt. Al Brenner who should be ashamed. It is you and I

There was this Marine who was in trouble and was facing a administrative discharge out of the Marine Corps.  He popped positive for pot and the Marine Corps does not tolerate drugs, period. I was appointed senior member of the admin board that included two first Lieutenants as prosecuting and defense attorneys. I also had a new GySgt and a second Lt who was a GySgt recently commission on my board. The prosecuting attorney told me this was a open and closed case and it wouldn’t take all day. The defense seemed to be thin.

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