I h8 IEDS - Hump Day
Marine Not Allowed to Participate in His High School Graduation Because He Wore His Uniform

Poncho Via in Texas


The photograph was taken in 1915. It shows Pancho Villa (center), General Pershing (right), and Álvaro Obregón (left). Obregón later joined Carranza against Villa; he became president of Mexico in 1920. In the image, General Obregon, Villa and Pershing pose after a meeting at Ft Bliss, Texas. Immediately behind Gen Pershing is his aide, 1stLt George S. Patton, Jr..

Over a C-Gar, my pops and I were talking about relatives that lived in El Paso Texas. One story turned to my great Grand Mother sitting on her porch as she resided on the tallest hill in El Paso with my father. The story continued how she watched Poncho Via and Gen Pershing battle it out during the Mexican Revolution.

Often, Poncho Via would come by the small houses in El Paso and request eggs and milk from the locals. Terrified, my Grand Mother would give them half of what they had as requested by Poncho Via’s men or as was told a couple of times by himself.

On one occasion, he came by and requested half of the milk and eggs. Terrified, she truly didn’t have any to give and told him this. A couple days later, Poncho Via came back to her house. Fearing the worse she met him in front of the house (bad ass lady) and to her surprise, Poncho Via handed her some eggs and some milk for her and the family to enjoy. Note, he probably took them from the neighbor but nonetheless, a glimpse of sincerity from a guy who had a bad rap.  Time for a C-Gar



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