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Every Day is Memorial Day


Memorial day. Although for many, the main focus of this weekend will be what time they are to meet friends and family for a BBQ or party, I ask that if even for a few minutes you stop to ponder what thousands of parents, spouses and family members think every day of their life. The loss of their loved ones who gave all in support of America.

Too often people go throughout their day without knowing the loss of a loved one to war. Perhaps their only son or friend. Too often Americans take for granted the luxurious things we have in America like clean running water, electricity, technology and the like. They often take for granted how well we have it here in America. I often tell friends how I would love to take a class of “seniors” from any high school to Helmand Province or Ramadi Iraq and let them truly see how good we have it in America. They would be shocked.

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UD researchers find missing WW II bombers

While visiting Guadalcanal, I saw first hand US tank hules still on the beach and in the jungle. Very crazy.  A bit ago I helped locate a dog tag to a servicemember, this ties into these researchers finding these wrecks and returning the warriors back home. Time for a C-Gar

Every time University of Delaware researcher Mark Moline finds a submerged World War II aircraft, he is overcome by a mixture of relief, excitement, solemnity and sorrow.  

Such is the life of a scientist devoted to finding the bodies of American servicemen missing in action Read more here

Green Beret’s story will leave you swelling with PRIDE…meet Nick Lavery

I've met some bad ass Mother F'ers in my short 23 years in the Marines and can believe every word about this Green Beret. Hands down a bad ass. Haven't ever met him, but I bet we chewed the same dirt.  Time for a C-Gar

Meet a Green Beret named Nick Lavery. After losing his leg during a firefight in Afghanistan…he refused to be medically discharged.
This man now trains future Green Berets as a tactical combat instructor at Fort Bragg. Read about some of his injuries HERE


Megan Leavey & Rex.....The Movie


If you read One Marine’s View you should have read about Cpl Leavey and “Rex” HERE, and HERE and learned that Cpl Leavey served in Iraq in 2006 in Ramadi and Fallujah as a dog handler.


 After being wounded, as standard protocol, the dog “Rex” stayed in theater and continued to work as it was unharmed. After Cpl Leavey recovered she began the long almost impossible task of adopting Rex as her own. Usually, this doesn’t happen as the US Gov has paid allot for the dog, the training and such and wants to gets its money, or your tax payer money worth of the “asset”. Kinda blunt I know but hey kids, that’s business.

After a very long fight through the politics and red tape, she did get to adopt the dog in 2012 and now, there is a movie coming out in June about it. Despite that the movies Marine advisor was apparently asleep, it looks pretty good but I’m pretty tough on movies that portray Marines. If you are going to have actors be “Marines” in movies for the love of zeusesmaximus, dress them correctly, we are Marines and we are a certain way. But hey, if that’s my only bitch (and it’s a small one) it’s no big deal.

Check out the movie trailer below…..you might get something in your eye after watching it………

Time for a C-Gar


This Navy Squadron's Cruise Video Includes A Terrifying Carrier Landing


We in the infantry call pilots the "Sexy MOS". Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) are military career job descriptions. Although, it takes a unique guy to be a grunt, (nut job), pilots always stay clean and live good on huge boats (grunts call carries "boats" cause it usually pisses off navy dudes).  The above is a small view of what it is like to land on a carrier with heavy fog looking through what's called the HUD. Pretty cool......for a "Sexy MOS" I must say. Time for a C-Gar



U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet Squadron VFA-115 “Eagles” put together a pretty sweet WESTPAC cruise video(below). One clip in particular (above) reminds us just how challenging landing a 25-ton, $50 million dollar fighter on a chunk of steel floating in the middle of the ocean can be, especially when visibility is near zero! Read more about it here


2012 VFA-115 Cruise Video from Talon Videos on Vimeo.