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Being deployed and getting to see your family

During deployments, I would tell young Marines who are a bit “nervous” especially after the first time they were shot at, hit with and IED, or heard the sound mortars make when they impact near you in your forward operating base that you need to focus on your job so you can get back and see you family.  Some ask “what if I don’t make it to see my family?” I tell them, son, when it’s your time, it’s your time so stop worrying about it and let’s go kill some bad guys. They always seem to take that to heart as Marines don’t like things sugar coated.

It is always good to get a letter from home, a care package or a few minutes on a satellite phone or, like the below Super Bowl commercial, getting to see and talk to your family. I once gave the oath to a family member who was joining the Marine Corps over a satellite phone, standing in a landing zone where I got the best coverage and they were on the east coast in America. It was about 2 am my time but it didn’t matter. The command unit in the states put it on intercom and I stood freezing my ass off in an LZ with a C-Gar reciting the oath to the newest Marine in the Corps. It was pretty cool. So is the below.


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