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U.S. Navy Ship Fires At Iranian Ship One Day After 4 Iranian Ships Harass USS Nitze

Very interesting events occurring in the water. Yesterday four small craft boats harassed a US Navy ship and now today, another similar incident but this time the US ship fire warning shots at the boat before taking more drastic measures. Time for a C-Gar

A U.S. Navy patrol boat fired three warnings shots at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard boat on Wednesday after it said it was being harassed. CNN was the first to report this. The warning shots were not disclosed yesterday when the reports of three Iranian ships were harassing a Navy vessel. Read full story here


This Marine sniper threw the enemy’s grenade back to save his brothers


Hey kids, want to see what a "bad ass" looks like? No, its not the smack talking gang members trying to impress you on the subway by running their mouth, its warriors like LCpl Moore. A great example of putting others first and catching the enemy off guard by throwing their own live grenades back at them. Time for a C-Gar

His team spotted by insurgents and forced to take cover in an abandoned compound, Marine sniper Joshua Moore went against his instinct when two grenades landed next to him, throwing one of them back at the enemy and holding off insurgent fire until help could arrive.

Moore, at the time a Lance Corporal, was later awarded the Navy Cross for his actions.

Moore was part of a scout sniper platoon during a mission in Marjah, Afghanistan, in March 2011, when insurgents targeted his team.

The Marines fell back to a nearby compound, but enemy machine gun rounds soon sliced through the air, wounding two of them. After taking cover, Moore felt two objects hit him in the back. When he turned he saw two grenades lying in the sand. Read full story here

That time a Marine had a live RPG stuck in his leg

This happens morethan you think.. Crazy, I know right but it does. During one of my deployments, a Marine took an RPG through his side and the medivac bird courageously took the warrior to get it removed. A hairy ride to say the least. The surgeon cleared everyone out of the operating room that didn't need to be there and successfully removed it, saving the warrior. Hats off to our medical crews out there and to your brave warriors. Time for a C-Gar.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Winder Perez was fighting in Afghanistan in January 2012 when he was shot with a rocket-propelled grenade that pierced his leg and remained stuck there without detonating.

A medical evacuation crew ignored regulations against moving unexploded ordnance, picked him up, and flew him to medical care where an explosives technician removed the RPG so a Navy medical officer could operate on him. Read full story here

Pleading the Hillary: Sailor asks for leniency by citing Clinton case


Read the below article on how a sailor is pleading his case of "classified Material" violation as a reference to the Hillary case. It was only a matter of time. I dont think he has a prayer....Time for a Cigar

A US Navy sailor facing prison time over photos he took with his cellphone inside a nuclear attack submarine is pointing to the case of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to ask for probation instead.

Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier, 29, will be sentenced this week in federal court, having pleaded guilty in May to “unlawful retention of national defense information,” a charge leveled against him under the 1917 Espionage Act, according to Politico. Read more here