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Marine pilot killed in F/A-18C Hornet crash in California


A pilot from 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, was killed in an F/A-18C Hornet crash Thursday night.

The crash was during a training mission around 10:30 p.m. near Twentynine Palms, California, according to a press release Read full story here


This is tragic and unnecessary. You have to wonder after this crash, the Blue Angels F18 crash and yet another crash this year you have make the connection of the lack of parts for your military aircraft determined by this administration after cutbacks is directly responsible. Your military is at WWI numbers. We can’t even do the norm “do more with less” because we are at our last resorts.

When your own Commanders are telling you it’s not working, you know you have a problem.  This airwing commander says just that.

Marines adapt and overcome(of course) as we did by taking (borrowing) F18 parts out of the aircraft bone yard. Wait a second, so your telling me Marines have to go to an air museum and bone yard to get parts? Yup, because with cut backs, there are no parts available. Does that sound like we are “ready” to defend this country? Nope. Also, do you think that is a direct correlation to these crashes? I would say so. Time for a C-Gar

Military Times survey: Troops prefer Trump to Clinton by a huge margin


"In a new survey of American military personnel, Donald Trump emerged as active-duty service members' preference to become the next U.S. president, topping Hillary Clinton by more than a 2-to-1 margin. However, in the latest Military Times election survey, more than one in five troops said they’d rather not vote in November if they have to choose between just those two candidates."

"But given only those choices, 21 percent of the service members surveyed said they would abstain from voting.More than 54 percent of the 951 troops Military Times surveyed said they would vote for Trump, the presumed Republican presidential nominee, over Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. Only about 25 percent said they would vote for Clinton in that matchup. Read full story here"

So you are telling me through this poll that you can’t stand Hillary (understandable) but because your “guy” didn’t win you aren’t voting right? Remind me again when you turned into a little bitch again please…..Oh ya, about the time our Navy sailors surrendered to Iran.


Look, your “not voting” strategy did real wonders for America during the past 8 years with the current administration. Let’s not repeat that Mkay?  For those “needing a safe place” that are in our “military” now, grow a pair please or go join the freaking boy scouts but for all that is holy, make a freaking decision and stick to it. For you officers, I know you were taught that during your initial training and for those junior servicemembers, for all that is holy, do some homework, make an educated decision and go vote. Seriously, stop being little poke a man chasing turds, go to the gym , grow a pair, get a tattoo and chase those hot babes that love a man in uniform. Seriously dude, put your pok a man app away, you’re not making us look good at all……smh.

Regardless, who you vote for (#Trump2016) not voting is like hitting on your cousin, it’s so wrong and very disappointing. Time for a C-Gar


Memorial To Slain Navy Seal Chris Kyle Unveiled


ODESSA, Texas (AP) — A memorial for slain Navy Seal and “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle has been unveiled in the West Texas city where he was born in 1974.

Ceremonies were held Thursday in Odessa to unveil the granite-and-limestone Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza, which also includes a bronze statue of Kyle. It is a privately funded memorial. Read full story here Time for a C-Gar


Hillary's America - Motto Monday

Every American should go see this movie. It’s not simply a movie of which they bash Hillary in, but, it’s a great history lesson for both parties that you didn’t learn in school. Interesting enough, many may say this movie is a republican movie full of hate propaganda before they go see it. On the contrary,  the maker of this movie shows facts about both political parties and also made the movie “Obama’s America, then was arrested and jailed with a five year sentence for donating “too” much money to a political party (funny right). Somewhat of a strange coincidence that the make of this movie is a minority, makes the movie about Obama called Obama's America (which he nails and predicted everything that has happened during the Obama term) then is somehow singled out from the thousands of lobbyists, business donators etc etc and is jailed for donating  money to a political party and receives a five year term in a serious jail to basically shut him up and make him go away,

The movie covers both parties with facts that you can easily confirm with the help of google or a simple high school history/ social studies book. .What the democratic party is banking on, is that the thousands of “sheep” won’t go see this movie, attempt to  defy its merit because they know if they did the research, they would discover the very party they support, is actually against them.

I challenge any American to go see this movie, and contradict its material. Tell me he is wrong. That he is making this up. You won’t be able to because he will show  you his references, his material his facts. He did his homework. Will you?

The movie I went to was full, not sold out but full and with several different ethnicity, men and women.  It truly makes you understand the history of both parties dating back to our heritage.  It’s a history lesson/movie and regardless of what party you are favoring, you should go see it to fully understand what has transpired in America. Unfortunately, many will not. Either they do not care enough, want to know the history or simply can’t fathom that the very party they support, is proven to actually be against many things you believe they represent. Sheep don’t think for themselves they want to “be taken care of”.  Time for a C-Gar


This Woman’s Selfless Act for a Vietnam Veteran Restores His Faith in Young People


While out catching Pokemon in Atlanta I was approached by a frail looking older man on a worn out bicycle, I know I must have appeared lost looking at my phone screen and walking around trying to find a specific Pokemon near me and he asked if I needed help getting anywhere and I told him "No, I'm just playing a game called Pokemon Go" He went on to ask what a Pokemon Go was Read full story here Time for a C-Gar

Heroic Huey pilot to receive Medal of Honor five decades later


WASHINGTON — The details of the heroism that will see Charles Kettles awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House come back clearly and quickly even five decades later.

The White House announced Tuesday afternoon that Kettles would receive the award from President Obama on July 18.

Kettles, 86, recalls the events of May 15, 1967: flying his UH-1 helicopter time after time after time into dizzying, withering fire to save the lives of dozens of soldiers ambushed by North Vietnamese troops in the Song Tau Cau river valley; nursing the shot-up, overloaded bird out of harm’s way with the final eight soldiers who’d been mistakenly left behind. Read full story here