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The Pentagon has made Congress irrelevant


This is a good article to read over. Go figure, it took a Marine who not only understands the constitution but a Marine who tells it to congress. Time for a C-Gar

Civics 101 lessons were, I suppose, theoretical. The lessons of those days taught that governance of the United States would be entrusted in three separate but equal branches: the Executive, the Congress and the Supreme Court. Nice theory. Current practice, however, demonstrates the fallacy of those theoretical concepts, especially when it comes to the armed forces. Read more here


Green Beret discharged for shoving accused Afghan rapist speaks out


A Green Beret ordered discharged after he and his team leader body-slammed an alleged Afghan child rapist is speaking out against the Army's effort to punish him, as he fights to stay in the service. 

If you didn’t know, boy rape is very prevalent throughout Iraq and Afghanistan and the culture there. There are several accounts of Taliban fighters going into villages, killing and raping children and adults.

'Kicking me out of the army is morally wrong and the entire country knows it.'

- Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland


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US reportedly considers leaving thousands of troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016

Afghanistan September_Cham640360

Amazing, your warriors have been restricted so much that they haven't been taking the fight to the enemy but staying on their bases due to rules of engagement by this administration. Now, especially after the news of the "Retired Marine Gen. John Allen, who was picked by President Barack Obama last year to lead a coalition fight against the Islamic State, will step down from his post in early November"  because,Allen's frustration with the way the White House is micromanaging the war effort".

How can it be anymore clear that this administration is simply putting this war on hold while your warriors pay the sacrifice? Now they are saying that we need to stay there well after 2016. Well of course we do, if we want to win because we haven't done dick since this president took over and that boys and girls is how the enemy gets stronger and organizations like isis are built.  Read more here Time for a C-Gar


UNSUNG HEROES: The Soldier Who Destroyed An Enemy Mortar Position With A Jammed M-16


You may have heard of Pfc. Jessica Lynch, well this article inst about her, although she was apart of this, this story is about the heroic actions that transpired during that event and that no one paid attention to.....until now. Time for a C-Gar

The March 23, 2003, ambush of 507th Maintenance Company in Nasiriyah, Iraq, was both a military and public relations disaster. Of 31 soldiers who made a wrong turn into the city during the chaos of the invasion, accompanied by two soldiers belonging to the Army’s 3rd Forward Support Battalion, 11 were killed, seven captured, and nine wounded, according to the U.S. Army’s official report of the ambush. Pfc. Jessica Lynch, initially hailed as a hero by the Bush administration and the news media, testified before Congress that she lost consciousness early in the attack and never actually fired a shot. Read more here

The US Marines tested all-male squads against mixed-gender ones, and the results were pretty bleak


Its not even funny, the Marine Corps has told congress, mixed gender infantry units is a bad idea, the facts prove its a bad idea, however, we still have a congress (who by the way are less than a 5% veteran congress) say its still a good idea. Again, you have some making the decisions on something they know nothing about. You want "equality"? You want women to me required to serve in the infantry? Then you better not complain when female fatalities skyrocket the next time they go to war with men in the infantry. Because they will. Those that have passed the Ranger school and almost passed the Marine Corps Infantry school, were set on it in their heart, did everything they could to pass, were determined. What happens if congress mandates females in the infantry which will include some not so determined females in battle? You can draw the conclusion, and it will include allot of body bags. Time for a C-Gar

All-male squads, teams and crews and gender-integrated squads, teams, and crews had a noticeable difference in their performance of the basic combat tasks of negotiating obstacles and evacuating casualties. For example, when negotiating the wall obstacle, male Marines threw their packs to the top of the wall, whereas female Marines required regular assistance in getting their packs to the top. During casualty evacuation assessments, there were notable differences in execution times between all-male and gender-integrated groups, except in the case where teams conducted a casualty evacuation as a one-Marine fireman’s carry of another (in which case it was most often a male Marine who “evacuated” the casualty)

The report also says that female Marines had higher rates of injury throughout the experiment. Read more here


What It Was Like To Be Hit By A 40lb IED - Motto Monday


Its easy to not know what your warriors go through, its easy as out of sight out of mind. However, know, one thing for sure, someone has to go and fight the enemy, go toe to toe with them and kill them, that's what your Marines do. Time for a Cigar


In the first three and a half months of our deployment to Sangin, Afghanistan it seemed like every day you heard about someone else getting shot or blown up. The IED (Improvised explosive device) situation in Sangin was a phenomenon in the worst way imaginable, not only physically but psychologically as well. I couldn’t believe how many IEDs were with us in that town, we literally had to watch every single step we took.

There were a few different types of IEDs that we ran into typically but usually they were either command-wire or pressure plates IEDs. Put simply, command wire IEDs are remotely detonated by a trigger-man watching a patrol and pressure plate IEDs are victim detonated when someone steps on a plate completing a circuit attached to the explosive charge.

After the first time I was blown up all I could think was, “Wow, they finally got me.” Read full story here