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Pathetic and UnAmerican


College Suspends Wounded Marine! Which college? Mississippi College in Clinton who claims to be a “Christian college” has kicked a wounded Marine out of school.


Disabled student veteran Jeremy Rawls who has served multiple combat deployments was like any other college student and trying to figure out what degree he should pursue and the like. He used the college provided “counseling” program and happen to have a muslim counsel who he basically didn’t see eye to eye with. Go figure he is suffering from PTSD, is trying to pass school then bumps heads with a college representative who can affect his schooling and happens to be a scarf wearing muslim. He simply asked to have a different counselor.


The so called “Christian school” does the not so Christian thing and kicks him out (suspends him) because he doesn’t agree with what his muslim counselor recommends. Then they label HIM a threat. How many Marines have flown planes into Trade Centers? Just asking here??Christian my ass!

“It’s not that I didn’t want to participate… I didn’t want to traumatize her and it wasn’t a good environment to be talking about [my disabilities] with that specific person,” Rawls said.

“Is it any surprise that this vet with PTSD doesn’t feel comfortable with a counselor in a hijab? Many Americans aren’t comfortable in any context with the “traditional Muslim dress,” and several European nations have even banned the misogynistic women’s wear entirely.” Orig story

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Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. I finally get it mom

It was my first combat deployment and as a motivated infantry company commander I completed the “work up” of training of 6 long months before deployment like the remainder of the battalion. However, it wasn’t until our day to deploy came. We all mustered at the battalion buildings, families said their good byes, tears were all over the place from wives & kids, some of the wives were pregnant and their Marine wouldn’t be there for the birth.


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Memorial Day 2015


Gang, those of you who come to One Marine’s View often know that I have a blog post category called “Every Day is Memorial Day” (ck out the link for kick ass stories)   because in my book, every day is Memorial Day. Not for me knuckleheads, for those warriors other than me. Those warriors that were fighting wars before you were and I were glimmers in our daddy’s eyes, the warriors who just try to make it through each day with their disability, and especially those that America has forgotten, until days like Memorial Day arrive. Don’t like it? Go to Dr Phil’s blog, I’m sure it’s filled with motivating articles (yawn). Want to be motivated beyond one day and have the day mean more to those not in the military? Come back by because “Every Day is Memorial Day”


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We hump til we die - Mt Mother F'er

Trailer for Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click. on TrailerAddict.

Joining my beloved Marine Corps isn’t a free ticket. You don’t get a free pass because we need you. We would rather go to war with 100 dedicated fighters than 10000 place holders (hello Army). Boot camp is where Marines are made. It is not easy, if it was easy, everyone would be a Marine and for those of you thinking about joining my beloved Corps, know, it is never easy being green.  Usually about the first 48 hours even the most motivated recruit asks him/herself “what the hell did I get myself into”.


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I ended the Iraqi war,but its not my fault ISIS is here (tell it to the dead warriors parents) - Memorial Day Series

When all of you fools bit on the hope & change and voted for this president, one of the hooks in your mouth was that he would end the Iraq war.


Now, with thousands of troops already there conducting special operations and tactical air strikes without the robust backing of the might we had there, and thousands more headed there soon enough they are being asked to restart the fight that this president tried to glorify by saying he ended ended back in 2011.

The truth of the matter because we have pulled out to glorify his campaign, we now have a very serious threat (ISIS) conducting attacks here on our home land. Bet your real proud you voted for him aren’t you?

Several US military commanders begged this president to keep troops in Iraq for a short specified time longer with a clear plan, he denied every request as did Hillary Clinton as she did everything in her power to shut the Iraq war down.

An our warriors struggle with one hand tied behind their backs in Iraq, this president finds every reason to go 180 degrees from the video above and claim it isn’t his fault. It is, period. You don't have anything to back up that it isn't.

After 4,486 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq and 2,345 U.S. soldiers died in Afghanistan (under this administrations watch), 1 million U.S. soldiers wounded in both wars, and a potential cost of up to $6 trillion, a new group like ISIL now causes havoc in the Middle East because we left early and have all but seized offensives in Afghanistan. The enemy clearly has the momentum.

As we approach Memorial Day, think how those parents of those killed in those wars feel especially since we pulled out before the job was completed and our hands are tied in Afghanistan. Are their sons & daughters lives lost for not? Leadership starts at the top, as does responsibility. No way around it, regardless how you color it or say it.

My son

My Son Died for Ramadi. Now ISIS Has It.

Debbie Lee says she’s sickened that the city her son sacrificed his life defending has fallen—and furious at the Joint Chiefs chairman’s insistence Ramadi is ‘not symbolic in any way.’

Nine years after Marc Alan Lee became the first Navy SEAL killed in the Iraq War, his mother sat watching TV images of the black flag of ISIS flying over the city where her son died.

“Gut wrenching,” Debbie Lee said on Monday. “The sacrifices that were made, the blood that's been shed.”

The city is Ramadi, and the mother had gone there herself in the year after her son was cut down in a ferocious firefight where he showed such courage that he was awarded a Silver Star.

His comrades had further honored him by naming their Ramadi base Camp Marc Alan Lee. His mother returned from her visit to the city in 2007 with some of its powdery soil in a clear plastic bag. The bag and its contents sat in her Arizona home as the news came that Ramadi had fallen to ISIS.

Now, as America is clearly behind the power curve in this war, and we continue to have attacks on our own soil as a result of not finishing the mission, you can bet a lot of your servicemembers are not happy that this war was given away for political pride & achievement.

WHY DIDN’T WE FINISH THE F-CKING JOB?': A SEAL, Marine & Soldier Sound Off On ISIS Capturing Ramadi

“You don’t like to say that anyone died in vain. But it’s almost like what we did over there was neutralized when Ramadi was taken over by ISIS.”

As ISIS has steamrolled through Ramadi and other major cities in Iraq, they not only gained the momentum there, put our Americans at a greater risk but also now have full control of most of the weapons, vehicles and equipment America left behind to aid the Iraqi’s.

Additional military prizes, courtesy of Obama, included numerous stacks of weapons crates that were full of the latest and greatest small arms and explosives that will undoubtedly be used against America and our allies in the future”

Iraqi weapons

You have to ask yourself if we stayed another year (as we had the momentum) would ISIS be here today? Would radical ISIS followers be attacking & threatening you and your neighbors in America if we continued to win the war before we pulled out only for the gain of an administration that wanted to gain popularity and say “he” ended the Iraqi war? I suggest you ask those mothers & fathers of those killed in Iraq and yes, service members who chewed dirt there; however, even If you did vote for this president, you know the answer. Now you have to live with the continuous threat of ISIS and those parents have to ask this administration, why did you let my child die for nothing? Remember these parents heavy burden as you honor those killed in Iraq & Afghanistan this Memorial Day because I doubt DC will, they will only make excuses. Time for a C-Gar

There's A Medal Of Honor Petition For Two Marines Who Stayed In Place When A Truck Bomb Barreled Toward Them - Memorial Day Series


You may have read about these Marines on One Marine's View back in 2012. I suggest you read about them now if you haven't before.

I remember this event as these two warriors stood their ground however I cannot begin to honor them as much as General Kelly does in the previous link. I do know that there are educated warriors that young and brave and when called on to perform, never let us down. Can you say that about the average kid in the workforce? Maybe, maybe not. However, there is no greater honor to serve with Americas warrior, especially when they don't come home.  In honor of Memorial Day approaching, I continue the "Memorial Day Series. Time for a C-Gar

"They immediately recognized the truck as a VBIED [Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device], stood in its path and began shooting. As the Iraqis around them fled, they leaned in, unloading their weapons. The truck stopped just short of the two Marines and detonated, killing them both instantly.

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Unsung heroes, you dont get to disrespect them - Memorial Day series


I wish I could tell all of America the countless stories of its hero warriors. Those young warriors that stood strong when only they prevented evil from winning and paid the ultimate sacrifice. However, so many Americans today (not all) don’t know or either care what their military does for them as they take for granted the shield they provide. Yet they only take and take and complain when they don’t get a hand out. Some will never grasp the concept a Vet provides and frankly, we are fine with that and have accepted that.


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