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Iraq, then and now


I realized many knucklehead “let’s get rid of the American flag” because its offensive turds out there were barely off their momas tit when the war in Iraq began. However, I remember it and did three deployments to it. I saw the good with the bad and now as I see our “administration” completely destroy any good we did over there at the cost of thousands of American heroes. I can only clearly see how young (below 21) Americans are being “programed to believe all this BS this administration is putting out. Furthermore the colleges supporting this ideology should be shut down and all arrested who are against the US. Just saying.

In this post from one of my deployments in Iraq, I saw an American administration make a difference and the Iraqi people make a difference. Now, all of this is clearly erased and the young 21 and below morons mentioned above think all of our work there was bad. They show their ignorance quickly don’t they?  Time for a C-Gar


LOOKING GOOD As the sun came up today no one really knew what to expect to happen as Iraq began their democratic elections. One thing for sure Marines & Soldiers were ready to do their job and provide the necessary security required to ensure the scumbags didn’t interfere with our mission at hand. Across the entire AO (Area of Operations) the tempo was mild although not without fighting. The typical in your face IEDs and RPGs were ever present but your armed services prevailed and insured a safe voting atmosphere for the Iraqi people. Read more here

Help those that help us!

Its that time of the year again for the annual AnySoldier charity drive. There are many people out there that will never know how the feeling of what a little support feels like when you are deployed. Trust me, I know we are in tough times here in the US. Whatever you can give to those that support us is very highly appreciated!!


Never quit - Motto Monday

You can get knocked down, kicked and beat, but you must get up, and get up again and again because one day you will succeed. It's the ones that don't get up that fail. If they only got up one more time, they would have succeeded. Is it easy? No, but sprinkles are for winners!!! Never quit!

Bowe Bergdahl, once missing U.S. soldier, charged with desertion

Bowe Bergdahl, shown here as a private first class, has been charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, his lawyer said Wednesday. The sergeant was recovered by U.S. troops in Afghanistan last year after being held by enemy forces for about five years. AFP PHOTO / HANDOUT / US ARMY /Getty Images

So I have to through out there, does this mean we get the turd terrorist we traded for him back? Doubtful. Matter of fact the Intel service has already said shortly after their release that we are hunting them down again. Big surprise! Just more proof this was a political stunt by O and once truly evaluated deemed him as a traitor, not a hero as O stated. Seems to be on track with everything O does. Time for a CGar

Bowe Bergdahl, once missing U.S. soldier, charged with desertion

Sergeant major relieved after claims he embellished awards


We are hardest on our own, if we weren’t we wouldn’t be Marines. Do I think “posers” (those pretending to be a servicemember who never served a day) isn’t a big deal? Hell yes I do. Do I think it’s a big deal if a servicemember wears something they didn’t earn? Hell yes! I can care less what rank you achieved or honestly how many sea service ribbons you have. I am proud of all servicemembers even if you only served 4 years, thank you! Do I salute those Medal of Honor Recipients? Hell yes, they have earned it. However, the posers out there I will call you out and you better be ready to get embarrassed. If we didn’t feel this way, we wouldn’t be Marines. We are hardest on our own. Time for a C-Gar

The top enlisted leader of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines has been relieved after Marines raised disturbing questions about discrepancies in his official biography.

Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Lovell III was removed from his post as the infantry battalion's sergeant major on Monday due to a loss of confidence, said 1st Lt. Luke Kuper, a spokesman for III Marine Expeditionary Force. Lovell's unit is currently attached to 4th Marines on a Unit Deployment Program rotation to Okinawa, Japan.

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The American flag, love it or leave



Like myself, there are hundreds of thousands of warriors who have served and yet many more that have died defending the American flag. Recently, throughout the “news” I have read where cry baby California students have voted to ban the American flag because it is “contributes to racism”. As a note most of these ‘students’ are attending school on your dollar and are illegal immigrants who are sucking the life out of hard working Americans and trying to “ban” the American flag that represents their potential freedom from the God forsaken shit hole they climbed out of. To top it off, they bed wetting leftist ‘professors” (I use that term lightly - professors) are backing them.

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U.S. Soldier in a Firefight with ISIS is Shot in the Face. How He Reacts Just Blows the Enemy Away.

Many see American servicemembers and are grateful for their service, some are not. For those that are not, that are content with the government paying for their way through life, read below and recognize the American people you will be rated against.. Time for a C-Gar


If anyone doubts the resolve of the U.S. military fighting ISIS terrorists, this story is a lesson that our troops are battle-tested and ready at any moment.

Nine months ago, in addition to the authorization of airstrikes against ISIS targets, the U.S. military began deploying special forces as part of a new mission to take on the rising Islamic State. Among those taking part in the deployment were military advisers and support personnel.

More recently, after an announcement by President Obama, the U.S. has sent troops for limited ground operations against ISIS, including the protection of bases and the defense of key strategic areas.

The first casualty in that renewed battle has taken place, and the soldier’s story is a memorable one.

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