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Obama’s American Sniper

An interesting in the WSJ below worth a read. If you havent seen the movie, what are you waiting for? Time for a C-Gar!

Seeing “American Sniper” made the State of the Union speech pretty unbearable.By Daniel Henninger

Barack Obama was 15 minutes into his State of the Union speech when I arrived home to watch it, having just walked back from seeing “American Sniper.”

Watching a movie about a Navy SEAL who served four tours fighting in Iraq was not the best way to enhance the experience of a Barack Obama speech. As a matter of fact, it was pretty unbearable.

Because Clint Eastwood directed “American Sniper” the movie is about more than the story of Chris Kyle, the highly skilled rifle marksman from Texas. In 2006, Mr. Eastwood presented two movies about the famous World War II battle of Iwo Jima. “Letters from Iwo Jima” told the story from the perspective of Japanese soldiers, and “Flags of Our Fathers” from the Americans’ side.

So “American Sniper” is not a crude paean to “our boys” in the Iraq war. What it does is convey the extraordinary personal, psychological and physical sacrifice of the U.S. Marines who fought al Qaeda in Fallujah, Ramadi and the other towns of Iraq’s Anbar province beginning in 2003 and through the period of the Anbar Awakening, which ended with the Marines pacifying the province.

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2015 nominations for jackwagon of the year has begun

Those like Michael Moore, and Seth Rogen that dare to taint the service of one of America’s heroes (Chris Kyle) reside in that thin layer that separates dog shit and the grass it lays on. Both of these turds just demonstrated the typical left wing attitude of having warriors go to shitty places of the world to rid the evil that exists and they mother f#ck us for doing it.

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer has something to say about this as well.

I would trade two digits on either hand to have these pieces of crap walk next to me or any service member that has done one or multiple tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. They wouldn’t last a day yet they are so eager to vomit their spew of discontent. They have no idea what their warriors do for a living for them to have the freedom they enjoy.

Please Michael or Seth, feel free to contact me to discuss and I will gladly meet you in person. Matter in fact, lets meet at Camp Lejeune or Camp Pendleton. I’m sure I can find one or two Marines for you to fully explain your thoughts to, call them cowards to their faces and of course a few military families for you to tell that their sacrifice was for nothing and they are “cowards” your words, not mine.

If anyone has a t-shirt with either of these two on it, please send it to me, I need something to wipe my ass with. Don’t expect an invite to the next Marine Corps Ball Mother F#ckers. Time for a C-Gar

Dont ever give up & do your best - Motto Monday

A settle chest punch for all to remember America’s fallen. Those that have given 110% of everything for you, for their country.  It’s easy to go through your Monday and battle the simple tasks and difficulties but try  doing with the mindset that your dad was killed in combat. He’s gone; you will never see him before and oh by the way, your only 15yrs old. Kind of puts a different perspective on our difficulties in a typical Monday. Harden up sweetheart and kick ass this week like someone in heaven is watching you, because they are and they are cheering you on! Time for a C-Gar


American Sniper the Movie Review


 Accurate, entertaining and patriotic. If you have the chance, go see it. Yes, I’m that guy in shows or movies especially that portray Marines or military in general that has items that are dorked out jump out at me. Not always tactics but simple things like US Army rank on a Marine or in your face items like that. In those cases the military advisor should be fire, not get a cent.

However, throughout the movie American Sniper, nothing really jumped out at me and you can get a pretty good feeling of what Ramadi or Fallujah was like. The bravery portrayed is spot on from all in the cast especially in the case of how the movies ends……….naaa I won’t tell ya how it ends.

This is the kind of movie America needs to see. It points out its heroes that the average person would have never know about unless this movie was made. This is a good movie for the Gals as well as it accurately shows the home front view. I know military wives that mentioned after the movie “I can relate to his wife”. A certain spousel unit just looked at me & smiled during the movie when Chris Kyle's character called her on a satphone with gunfire in the background.

For the weak of heart out there, this movie has a gruesome factor of 1.1 on a scale of 10. There is blood and the like but not like Saving Private Ryan or numerous other movies. It doesn’t need the ohooo ahhh special effects, the story alone will make you do that. A great book as well. Go see it – Time for a C-Gar


CENTCOM Twitter hackers posted info for many retired generals

If you didn’t know, a couple turds decided to hack the military website (Centcom) United States Central Command however, proved they weren’t smart enough & failed so they hacked the CENTCOM YouTube and Twitter page.

“The main suspects: a group led by Junaid Hussain, a 20-year-old who moved from Britain to Syria — accompanied by his 45-year-old alt-rock girlfriend — to kick-start the Islamic State’s hacking campaign.”

President Obama Announces New Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal and Other Cybersecurity Efforts here but nothing like doing it after the fact (Damn that golf time)

The Army is contacting a "significant" number of retired general officers whose personal information was posted online when hackers took over U.S. Central Command's Twitter account Monday, an Army official said.

But think about this, if they got General Officer emails, what else (or what other organizations accounts) did they hack the press isn’t alluding to?

Time for a C-Gar

Army opens grueling Ranger job to women

In 2012 The Marines allowed women to participate in the Infantry Officers Course (IOC). They were the first branch to make this opening and had interesting results. None of the multiple women that attended the course passed due to physical injury or physical standards.  Interesting, isn’t it? However, we opened it and the facts didn’t lie. The only way they would have made it through IOC would have been if the IOC physical standards were lowered. Now, the Ranger school and the US ARMY are trying the same thing. What it comes down to, if they make it, great but will standards be lowered to facilitate that to happen. Is that what America wants?  A level of professionals evaluated on a lower standard? Something to watch. Time for a C-Gar


The Army will allow as many as 60 women to participate in the next Ranger course, allowing women for the first time to compete in the grueling two-month combat school. It is considered one of the first steps into the military special operations field. 

Army Secretary John McHugh approved the change that would allow women in the course beginning in late April. 

While completing the leadership course would let women wear the coveted Ranger tab, it does not let them become members of the Ranger regiment. Currently only men can be in the 75th Ranger Regiment -- the special operations forces unit based at Fort Benning, Georgia. 

Joining the regiment requires additional schooling that is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging.