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There is nothing worse than being screwed with when its your time to sleep. You’ve earned it then some jokers decide to mess you. I’ve had some good ones done on me but never, never done any to others…..ya right. Share your “jokers” tricks in the comments – Time for a C-Gar


Pain takes the ALS Ice challenge

My good friend “Wheezey” called me out to do the ALS challenge so I figured if I was going to do it I would take it up a notch. Yes those are my clothes on the ground! (Nothing but my socks!!) Now that I can feel my soul again from the cold water (yes it was very cold) I’m calling out the Batten family (Cathy /Taylor), Marty Horn, Tim Wigley, Blitz and Dana. Embrace the numbing cold gang! You have 24hrs Time for a C-Gar

ISIS, illegals, ebola, golf and your administration

Many have seen the “threats” and barbaric actions from ISIS on TV. Currently our administration isn’t sure how to battle this organization and a couple hell fire missiles won’t be the cure all solution, they surely didn't help James Foley. The even more immediate issue is how does this administration deal with this group within the US? They have already admitted they don’t know how to contain them and have resulted to “restraining their money flow”. Wow that will make them stop beheading Christians, innocent reporters and children for sure! The gloves have come off (thats sarcasm for those that haven't had a cup of coffee yet)

IsisNote the ISIS sign? Its in Furguson during the riots.


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British pilot takes a wound to head & keeps flying

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit down and watch how a British pilot and crew fly in to rescue a wounded warrior. Once they fly into the “hot zone” and prepare for takeoff, they come under heavy fire. FYI, there isn’t any armament on CH47 helos and bullets tend to pass right through them much like Marine Corps CH46, Hueys and even Cobras. Great focus by the pilot! It’s a shame he probably passes several people today on the street and they have no idea of his or his crews sacrifice. Time for a C-Gar

What the Islamic State “Caliphate” Means in Reality


First this administration declares they “ended” the war in Iraq, only to send Americans back there this year. Now with things spinning way out of control in Iraq, little is being done. It could have been done before we pulled out and we were close to accomplishing it. Now you have this deck of cards. Before you think about leaving a comment that todays issues are “Bush’s fault” spit out the cool aid, go pour ice over your head & take the ASL challenge but don’t post that crap here. It’s time for this administration to take ownership. If not, when?  Below is a good write up on what it means from Mary Habeck – Time for a C-Gar

Over the past few weeks, the world has gotten its first look at how the Islamic State (IS) Caliphate would function, and it has not been a pretty sight.

The bad news began with the destruction of shrines, mosques, tombs, and other parts of Iraq’s cultural heritage.  Even worse news was to come as the extremists turned to the slaughter of captured Iraqi soldiers and the ethnic cleansing of minority and Shi’a Iraqis.  Last week, IS went further in its descent into Nazi-like behavior with the kidnapping of large numbers of women for sex slavery and the mass murder of religious minorities such as the Yazidis, the practitioners of the pre-Islamic religion of the Kurds.

For those that think we can ignore this enemy & they wont come to the US, your wrong again, they are already here (thank you open borders) Note the ISIS sign in the background of recent Ferguson news reporting.



Move on base - great idea!!

You may have heard that the Marine Corps is “renting” out the barracks on bases now (kinda begins to show you how small your Marine Corps is now after massive cuts by this administration). Nonmilitary can live on base only after an extensive background check. However, unless you like chow hall food, motivating chants being yelled at zero dark thirty and every Marine looking at you like an alien because you don’t have a high & tight haircut, you might want to reconsider packing up for a bit. Check out the below – Time for a C-Gar


Marines who are preparing for a permanent change of station to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, might be trolling Craigslist for housing.

Well, this listing might have everything you’re looking for — or perhaps everything you’re hoping to escape.

On July 20, a Craigslist user posted a one-bedroom rental that would be available in two weeks. The “lovely” 225 square foot space is located in a “gated community with 24-hour private security,” the advertisement states. Rent is $1,000 per month, and can be conveniently paid “on the 1st or split between the 1st and 15th with automatic withdrawal.”

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