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Bitter SEALs Debunk Bin Laden Myth

The below was published back in Nov 2011 but if you havent read it, its new to you. There are numerous "press" & news stories out there but more of the truth can be found in books like "Seal Target Geronimo" Time for a C-Gar


Osama Bin Laden was killed within 90 seconds of the US Navy Seals landing in his compound and not after a protracted gun battle, according to the first account by the men who carried out the raid.

The operation was so clinical that only 12 bullets were fired.

The Seals have spoken out because they were angered at the version given by politicians, which they see as portraying them as cold-blooded murderers on a kill mission. They were also shocked that President Barack 0bama announced Bin Laden’s death on television the same evening, rendering useless much of the intelligence they had seized.

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Alwyn Cashe’s Case For Medal of Honor

Alwyn Cashe’s case for the Medal of Honor began almost as soon as he was awarded the Silver Star, the third-highest award for valor, for actions in Iraq in 2005.

Sgt. 1st Class Alwyn Cashe and his soldiers were on patrol in Samarra, Iraq, on 17 October, 2005, when their Bradley Fighting Vehicle hit an IED.

Though he was covered in diesel fuel and his uniform burned off his body, Cashe crawled out of the Bradley. Under a hail of enemy gunfire and despite certain death from the flames baking his body, Cashe returned to climb inside the Bradley, repeatedly pulling out soldiers until he had all six.

He left no one behind.

With burns over 70 percent of his body, Cashe died three weeks later on 8 November, 2005, at San Antonio Military Medical Center in Texas.

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Stirewalt Compares Responses of Obama & Reagan to Downed Planes


The Korean Airlines flight was shot down en route to South Korea by Soviet Union fighter pilots when it drifted into Soviet airspace, killing 60 Americans, including a congressman.

Reagan ended his California vacation and flew back to Washington, D.C.


However, Obama only briefly addressed today’s tragedy, and then he headed off to two fundraisers in New York City.

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Santa Tereasta Cigars - Field tested, Major approved

Santa Tereasta

Those that read OMV, know I like cigars, no, I love them! There is nothing better to me than to pour a nice cup of black coffee  in the morning and bite down on that first cigar of the day before I light it up. I’ve been enjoying stogies for about 15 years through multiple deployments and back here in the great USA.

You name it, I’ve tried it and now I have my own label called Santa Tereasta Cigars put together with the best blends out of Nicaragua.

The Santa Tereasta maduro torpedo cigar is sure to impress as it is a perfect draw from beginning to end.  Measuring 61/2 x 52, the Santa Tereasta hand rolled cigars are 100% Nicaraguan Puro, meaning the maduro wrapper, binder and filler are all grown in Nicaragua.  The body of the cigar is medium to full, with a dark and oily wrapper containing a hint of coco, and a little sweetness from the maduro wrapper.  It provides a perfect draw from beginning to end, with a nice white ash.  My cigars are comparable to the renowned Oliva and some Gurkha cigars.

Unlike your typical cigar company, Santa Tereasta cigars are presented in a four pack or a quality cherry wood piano style 20-count cigar box that is a humidor in itself, offering an affordable, space-saving and novel feature of the line that will not disappoint you.  Many people feel like they "just get a little more" with our cigars, because they do.  Regardless of whether you are a seasoned cigar smoker, beginner, or looking to send those deployed warriors a great smoke, these cigars are for you. 


Field tested and Major Pain approved!


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“The Taking of Saipan" - Marine's book translates Japanese soldier's WWII diary he picked up during battle

Jul 15

So many stories and experiences get lost with time from my tours in Iraq & Afg, I can’t imagine how many will never be heard from these types of warriors. It is good (history) that he wrote his book and told of his experience. Experiences, today’s youth could stand to read a time or two. He speaks about a diary he found on the battle feild. Time for a C-Gar! (Thanks "Pincher")

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Now, the diary has been translated and juxtaposed with Meadows’ recollections of World War II in a new book, “The Taking of Saipan,” from a local publisher. Meadows, 90, now lives in Orange and often shares his war experiences with local churches, high schools and other groups.