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US Marine with CHL Fatally Shoots Robber in NE Harris County

You probably have heard of the occasional Vet, fighting off badguys in a sandwich shop or something similar. Here is yet a fellow Marine, who did what he knew was right and handled things correctly.

You may have heard where Chili’s and Sonic have a new “No Gun” policy for customers that are released this week. Then, this happened, (all robbed & just the beginning) go figure.

It’s funny how the above businesses have this new “rule” and may even post “No Gun signs”  on their premises. Guess what, even if they have one of those really serious big voice “No Gun” signs posted, unless it is one of these, they are geberish and you are not breaking the law if you have a weapon with you even with the big scary “No Gun” sign posted. Sorry, Chilies & Sonic, it’s the law and yes, you have to follow it too smushy. Time for a C-Gar

If a licensed individual were to be hauled into court and have to spend time and money defending themselves from an invalid 30.06 sign, they would likely sue both the arresting officer and the store owner for damages to cover both  court expenses, and lost time.


The warriors of yesterday are todays heroes

I had to lower my head. Every time I talk with warriors that came before me and my 20 plus years in the Marines I am in awe of the heroism and bravery. The courage and toughness and the honor. Many times they tell me “We are so proud of you Marines of today” and all we are doing. That’s usually when I tell them we are simply trying to walk in their footsteps to make them proud. Marines of today are tough and dedicated but we always pay tribute to those that have gone before us. They have done the hardest tasks especially without today’s technology. They are so proud of us, when it’s us that are so proud of all the warriors regardless of branch that walked before us. Those are today’s heroes, not us. They are so proud of us and tell us how great we are, every time they say that I have to lower my head because it’s them that make us proud. Remember, there is nothing worse to deal with like a pissed off Marine.

I’ve added the video of Elvis (cause I’m a fan) and I guess it’s a good tribute for those that walked before us. Time for a C-gar!

EveryDay Memorial Day, especially today

It’s not uncommon to see Marines and other servicemembers share a bond. From the past few articles you might have picked that up and I can tell you first hand that those that serve share a bond that no one can take away and those that don’t know, well, they don’t know. It can be anything from a helping hand, to a simple head nod to one another. Words don’t have to be said, they don’t have to be, they both know what the other has done and for that they can look at themselves in the mirror and be ok.

This Memorial Day many BBQs will be had, some may even fly their flag, but know, servicemembers around the world with share the day and remember all that gave to this great country. Semper Fidelis – Time for a C-Gar!

Brothers - Every Day is Memorial Day

Brothers, some are from the same mother, some are not. Regardless in battle, all are brothers and when the shit hits the fan, they will be there for one another. Despite if they have issues between one another, when faced with a common enemy, you are in trouble. I have seen many acts of kindness and bravery between warriors even if they have never served with one another they share a common bond  many will never understand. In the below you get the rare opportunity to see “behind” the curtain of the unique “brotherhood” of your warriors. Some are from the same mother, some are not. Time for a C-Gar

Brotherly Farewell Caught On Dustoff Helmet Cam Will 2 days ago 282 afghanistan Ganjgal Kunar medal of honor Swenson Combat Footage Feel Good PreviousNext 297K 424 Share80 Share94 This video was taken by a pilot and crew chief on a dustoff bird that was flying MEDEVAC in Kunar in 2009. The events shown are from the Battle of Ganjgal, a firefight that earned both CPT Swenson (shown) and CPL Dakota Meyer the Medal Of Honor. Regardless of your thoughts on the politicians that start and perpetuate these wars, that’s not what this page is about, and those that never served and troll the comments section about such topics will never be privileged enough to understand that. You don’t fight for presidents, oil or for the empire. You may stand for freedom, but you don’t fight for it. You fight for your brothers that are standing shoulder to shoulder with you, while looking into the face of an early death, in a filthy and forsaken no man’s land. Nothing else matters at that point but your brothers. This is what brotherhood looks like. (see full story at Funker530)

The old man - Everyday is Memorial Day

Memorial-day-thank-you2 z

Gang, Those of you who come to One Marine’s View often know that I have a blog post category called “Every Day is Memorial Day” because in my book, every day is. Not for me knuckleheads, for those warriors other than me. Those warriors that were fighting wars before you were and I were glimmers in our daddy’s eyes, the warriors who just try to make it through each day with their disability, and especially those that America has forgotten, until days like Memorial Day arrive. So from today until Memorial Day, I will be posting Memorial tribute posts under the title “Every Day is Memorial Day”. Don’t like it? Go to Dr Phil’s blog, I’m sure it’s filled with motivating articles (yawn). Want to be motivated beyond one day and have the day mean more to those not in the military? Come back by because “Every Day is Memorial Day”.

Read today's tribute

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Does the V.A. Have More Secret, Deadly Wait Lists?


During the Iraq and Afg war, America was spent well over $6 Trillion dollars. In 2013 the official report stated the Government had well over $1 Trillion set aside for spending to care for veterans returning from combat through 2050(source - Crawford, Neta and Catherine Lutz. "Economic and Budgetary Costs of the Wars in Afghanistan, ) In all of Zeuses Maximus does it make even the slightest sense that now in 2014, we apparently have no money to care for our heroes?

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