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T.J. Oshie should be saluted for pointing out true meaning of "hero" - Motto Monday

There are some that boast about what they did in Iraq/Afg. There are those that don’t. There are those that give the military a bad name and then there are those not in the military that give the military a great name. Those are the ones that impress me. They are due attention for their efforts but they humbly show and remind others of those making a significant sacrifice. I was disappointed the US hockey team didn’t win gold because loosing sucks, however, Im glad guys like this are on our side and on our US team. Time for a C-Gar! 

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(Those who work in D.C. when government offices close for a "snow day")

The last couple of posts on OMV have been disappointing to say the least and have gotten some negative and positive feedback. They are disappointments however you look at them.


Funeral guard photo - Frauds


Ok, now we have two separate candidates for the biggest morons within a unit. Now let me say Marines of all branches can do some bad things (always look in the mirror first) but now look at the picture of these (I use the term lightly) “servicemembers” and again the disrespect they show. What the hell in Zeuseous Maximus went through their mind. Nothing but air is what. Yet again, a perfect case of frauds being exposed. I’ll bet you NONE of these (insert own word here) have deployed in a combat scenario. Because if they had, they would know for sure that this is no freaking thing to joke around with.


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Tongue kiss of MIA symbol by Air Force Staff Sgt. Cherish Byers


Sooooo, here we go with a perfect case of one of our USAF “servicemembers” showing exactly what they truly respect. Below, an airforce airman disrespects the POW silhouette depicted within the Prisoner Of War memorial. Wow, let’s say no one even took a picture of this event happening. Let’s say you were just drunk or perhaps hit your head on a sharp corner, it still wouldn’t make this acceptable.


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Doctor to release findings on toxic dust from Iraq

Throughout my deployments in remote Combat Out Posts (COPs) we always had a fire pit burning. The only time I didn’t see smoke coming out of it was, well never. You burn everything in it and in remote outposts I have a feeling what goes in there is a bit less managed than at a monstrous base like Victory mentioned in the article below.  I say this because when you hear bullets detonating because some moron dumped some seized rounds or had some tucked in the pockets of some bloody uniforms he is burning, you tend to wonder what the hell they are throwing in these pits.

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THE National Anthem

Ya know, I’ve heard the Natl Anthem in many places, time zones and yes, even a few different countries, however, I can tell you every time I hear it, I get chills. Let’s say you don’t like the song, or it somehow is offensive or you don’t like the American flag. My two cents is you can pound sand and move to Russia. I hear they need help replacing man hole covers there. Let me know how the communism thing works out for ya! Myself like many other Americans have fought for this country and if you don’t like it………leave.

No football until Aug? - (keep reading, its not about football)

Lord of the flies

The Super Bowl is over and yes there is no football until Aug, however, this post really isn’t about football. But you would think with the absence of football a percentage of men would be walking around in gloom. Puhlease. This is a fine example of where our values lie. What do you mean Pain? Well let me put it this way, the majority of Americans, mostly younger age groups have no freaking clue how good they have it in America. Think back to the Super Bowl game and those with you. How long do you think they would last before breaking down in frustration in a third world country like oh let’s say Afghanistan. Not a scary dangerous part of Afg but let’s say even on any of the 14,000 ft mountain tops.


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