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Happy New Year America!


I hope the very best for you and yours this holiday season and that you all bring in the New Year with motivation and sure a bit of attitude! Its true one person CAN make a difference and with the beginning of a new year right around the corner, its up to YOU to make a difference. Happy New Year America, your Marines are on duty! Time for a C-Gar!

Some leave cookies for Sant, not Marines - Merry Christmas


I hope the very best for you and yours for this holiday season and that you all have a very Merry Christmas. This is a nice Christmas where I can actually be with family and friends (rare when you’re in the Marine Corps) however, it only makes it that much better. If you’re with family, cherish the times, enjoy the day and remember there are warriors in nasty places protecting the country while their family is waiting for their return. Enjoy Christmas and remember them. If you have been knotty (not me “wink”) because you are a OMV reader I’ve put in a good word for ya. I happen to know a guy and he where a red suit and lives in the North Pole ;)

Time for a C-Gar! Merry Christmas!


Get a cup of coffe, sit down and watch.................listen. We take what we have in America for granted. Again, grab some joe or a C-Gar, and watch.


(an excerpt from "Cole" ) "Please take 4 minutes and watch this short film from Australian soldier Tom Abood who shares his new gratitude for life, freedom, education and home. The video is not graphic and does not contain any violence. It does have a powerful message though. I’m sure a lot of our fans can relate to Tom whether through their own experience in war or the experiences of friends and family.

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Marine facing probe for emailing Afghan threat warning garners Hill backing ahead of hearing


You read it here on One Marine’s View how a warrior did what he knew to do, fight terrorism, only to be hammered unjustly. Really? We’re going to spend countless hours and money to training our warriors then when they start “thinking” for themselves we are going to hammer them? He didn't rob a bank, steal a car, sucker punch an elderly person in some town for kicks, no, he was fighting bad guys. Let me say it again, he was doing what he was trained to do. Then some “person”(honestly that’s all I could call them without having people reading this cringe and close the article because I dropped a few “F” bombs) decided to call out how he supposable sent a classified document in the open.


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