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Take time to be thankful - Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. I’ve been away and away and away again for many holidays and  worked like they were no different from the next day but this year I will enjoy it in the US. The luxuries many take for granted hot water, a safe neighborhood and nonpoisonous food will be enjoyed this year. However, there are many this year that are away from their family and friends. Sure, they may get a makeshift turkey meal at a local big base DFAC chow hall, or maybe not.

The deal is, Thanksgiving brings good food but more importantly, brings family together. Being overseas only has the military family together which is a lot different from being with your actual family. For those that cannot be with family, think about them as you enjoy your friends and family. Yes, even your uncle Frank who may be a pain in the ass, is still family and although you may not enjoy his jokes, step outside the box and enjoy them. You may think you had rather be anyplace else but with some of those family members during the holidays but trust me, there are much worse places to be and the nicest thing in those areas would be your uncle Frank.

Be truly thankful this year, sometimes we often take how well we have it for granted. Take a few minutes and watch the below video, then get some of those young warriors sitting around the house to watch it. A warrior speaks. Happy Thanksgiving….and of course, Time for a C-Gar

These Marines have somthing to be thankful for - Motto Monday

You don’t hear much about the war in Afghanistan do you? Im sure you heard the story in this video in your local news right? Not. These warriors are still doing what we went there to do while our Marine senior leaders and quality Marines are being forced out and our Corps shrunk to less than manageable numbers.


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Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

Marines don’t wear their uniform (camies,digitals etc) in public because we can’t (not allowed to) however I see many Army “Joes” walking through the airport as I travel and good on em. Did you know that American Airlines will move a servicemember up to first class if they are in uniform and available? Just ask, they will do it.

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Why Was Firefighter-Marine Reserve Maj. Jason Brezler Betrayed?

The Marine Corps is currently looking to evaluate a Marine Major to see if he should be kicked out of the Marine Corps. The reason? Because he cooperated as requested. The story cliff note version is that he dealt with some dirt bags in Afghanistan. Yes, they are dirty and we/he dealt with them in an effort to make the entire shit hole over there a little better.

Maj. Jason Brezler’s warnings about an Afghan police chief and his ‘tea boys’ went unaddressed, and three Marines were slain. One year later, the Marines are taking action—against him.


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Did The Marines' Top General Stab Another Four-Star In The Back?

The US Marine Corps has changed over the past 238 years. As this November we celebrate our birthday I have to step back and really look “what” our Corps is becoming. Quality officers getting out, quality senior officers (Generals) being kicked out because they don’t follow a certain tune and now our own Commandant is being scrutinized. Is he guilty of what they say?

“It has been a long year for Gen. James Amos, the top officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. In addition to facing massive budget cuts and an unpopular drawdown in forces, his service has been rocked by allegations that he and other senior members of his staff deliberately sought to wrongfully influence the disciplining of eight Marines implicated in an embarrassing war-zone video that showed scout snipers urinating on dead Taliban fighters in Afghanistan”


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Happy Veterans Day - Very Motto Monday!!!

"Happy Birthday to all Marines, and Happy Veterans Day.
May we all take time this weekend and remember everyone who ever served.

What a life bond we all share having had the privilege of earning the title of US Marine. This is a great time of the year to reflect on what it means to have earned that title, and to reflect on the glorious history of our Corps. Further, it is right that we also take the time to remember; those we served with, those that served before us and those that have fallen. The common bond we all share as Marines, is a bond for life.

The true bond however, is the title we share as Marines.

May God continue to bless our Corps and the United States of America.

Happy Birthday Marines!"

Written by SgtMaj Ron Himsworth (my friend, warrior & fellow Marine)

Time for a C-Gar