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Former Rams Practice Squad Player Rips Military Via Tweet

As I sit back in America, enjoying a nice cigar and jack I look around and watch people and shake my head. So many people take for granted for what we have in the US. So many think expect the luxuries we have here. Forget the nice things like electricity and fresh water but no many demand all of the additional luxuries we have that so many do not. Yet, they forget so quickly who paid that price to go and keep evil away from America.

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A Salute to Military Working Dogs

Military working dogs are heroes. Many see them here and there, many may think ooohhh nice doggy but trust me this dog is a weapon, sensor, friend and yes, warrior. There have been to many deployments where I see working dogs saving lives and right beside their fellow Marines. Who doesn’t like dogs? Really C’mon people, ok maybe those lil fuzzy white dogs with bows in their hair but have you ever seen one of those spoil an IED? Nope.  Never will you hear a dog in Afghanistan called “sniffels” get the command to search a building………um no. We had numerous dogs working with us. It’s too often these warriors don’t get the fame they deserve. Time for a C-Gar

Marines ready for next phase of Afghanistan withdrawal

The next steps of the Marine Corps’ withdrawal from Afghanistan are about to get underway as the last regimental combat team headquarters and a one-star general return to the U.S. in August.

Regimental Combat Team 7, commanded by Col. Austin Renforth, will redeploy to Twentynine Palms, Calif., after more than 10 months downrange, Renforth said. The unit oversaw Marine ground combat operations across Helmand province, where Marine forces have based the majority of their operations in Afghanistan since 2008.

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