Phony ‘disabled’ vet gets destroyed by wounded woman warrior
Maj Pain is headed to America!!



You know Major I had to just comment on this, because no one else did.
and there is nothing worse then posting something you find interesting
and no one says anything about it, good or bad. So I find this flight
has no seats and no overhead storage, but it has a great window seat
with a great video game to pass the time.


Really like your new "OMV Military News." Definitely adds value to your excellent blog.

Maj Pain

Thanks warriors! I appreciate the comments, you guys rock!!!!!!


I second that comment on military news. Any info on how goes it for our Warriors and their families regard policy decisions, their well being, their triumphs or losses is appreciated.

I was unable to view this video as happens from time to time on my phone. Probably operator error on my side of the screen! ;-)

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