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Meet Mr McNaughton

 He has a gift for Marines. This is an honest attempt to say thank you for your service. He just launched a personal project to use his artwork to thank Marines. He feels they do not get thanked enough. You can see it here at

 One day I was visiting a friend in Scio , N.Y., and right before making the turn onto his street I saw it.....

Waving in the air, was a Marine Corps flag blowin' proudly in the breeze. I thought to myself next time I come down here I should drop off one of my drawings that I had made as a thank you. A few days later after returning home... 

I saw it on the news!

The heroic sacrifice in the line of duty by a Corporal Jason Dunham. Up for the Congressional Medal Of Honor. From Scio, N.Y..

Then I remembered the sign on the mailbox of the house with the USMC flag , the sign said Dunham! I couldn't wait to get back there. So, the next time we went down to Scio...

I grabbed a couple of the large prints of the drawing you see on this page and drove up the Dunham residence Driveway, feeling nervous, I knocked on the door...

I heard a couple of dogs barking and a young man answered the door. I believed it to be Jason's brother, All of a sudden I felt like a jerk 'cause I realized I woke him up! But anyway I apologized, and handed him the prints, and he said...

 "Wow! You drew these? Thank You". to which I replied, "No, Thank You and I'm very sorry for your loss!".At that moment, I realized I should have given him the original, I'm such a knucklehead. Anyways, I Thanked him, apologized for intruding, and I went on my way and thought...

"I'm going to find a way to thank as many Marines as I can, that I will never probably meet in person. And I will use this print as a means of getting it to them. So, with that...

He offers you a :

- FREE 6 1/8' X 6 1/8th" print of the Eagle, Globe, And Anchor

- He will send it to you with his personal handwritten thank you.

- This is the same drawing he gave to the Dunham family.

 Go here to order your drawing -

Spread the word people, this is an example of what I call American Spirit

Time for a C - Gar



Thank you, Mr. McNaughton, for honoring our Marines with your art.

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