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Phony ‘disabled’ vet gets destroyed by wounded woman warrior

A Congressional witness claiming to be a disabled veteran for a sprained ankle he allegedly sustained almost 30 years ago, walked into a human buzz saw when confronted with Rep. Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs and severely injured her right arm during her service in the Iraq War.

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8th and I welcomes first female sergeant major

Sgt. Maj. Angela M. Maness salutes Col. Philip J. Zimmerman upon posting for duties as sergeant major of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., in April 2011. Maness will become sergeant major at Marine Barracks Washington on Thursday. (Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken / Marine Corps)

The Washington, D.C., command housing the Marines’ most prestigious ceremonial units will receive its first female sergeant major later this week.

Sgt. Maj. Angela Maness will assume the duties of senior enlisted Marine at Marine Barracks Washington, a job known as the “oldest post of the Corps” during a Thursday morning ceremony, according to news releases from Marine officials.

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Military News or NSN - No shit news


I have been toying with the idea of adding a quick look at news stories from different sources. Marty at www.anysoldier.com gave me the items I needed to complete the newest addition to OMV. Check out the "Military News" section on the far right. There is nothing worse than to have to go to 20 websites for your news. Now, when you come to OMV you can simply check out my post and my "No Shit News" (NSN) then scan to the right for additional "News" from around the world. Like many things on OMV, this blog is built to get the word of our warriors to you, however, if it doesn’t work or isn’t affective, it’s gone. So give me your feedback and if you would like to see your favorite "news" website here, let me know what that site is in the comments and I will see about adding it. Time is money people and one stop shopping is better than running around with your head cut off.

Time for a C-Gar

THIS is America


Intimate photo of Virginia couple holding hands around corner on wedding day goes viral 

A photographer snapped this sweet photo of Bre and Josh Curtas praying before tying the knot, as the groom averts his eyes by reaching around a corner to hold her hand.


A sweet photo of a bride and groom moments before they walk down the aisle has gone viral. The groom is sitting around the corner to uphold tradition of not seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle.

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US Marines sent to Syria?

A group of United States Marines is taking part in the yearly military exercise known as "Eager Lion" in Jordan, a country that borders Syria. Just yesterday, President Obama said he would increase military aid to Syrian rebels as a consequence of the nation using chemical weapons on its own people, according to the Associated Press.


Sent to Syria? Not directly but the 26th MEU is participating in the exercise (Eager Lion) in Jordan. I say again, A Marine Expeditionary Unit  (MEU) is already on the ground in Jordan (next to Syria). Now, this exercise has been planned for some time as the Asoc press reads but know, it would be very easy to left turn into Syria, in a blink of an eye. Why do countries get so damn scared when US Navy ships are seen of the horizon? Because they are full of Marines, that’s why.

Although the exercise isn’t planned to go long, the US will leave some F16s & Patriot Missiles in Jordan. In case you didn’t know, F16 & Patriots are not, never been will never be apart of a MEU and thus this was planned in parallel. (I smell a "no fly zone" building) .

Your warriors are always in the middle of something. If there is trouble, and people need help, it isnt unusual to find Marines. Thats just how we are. America's 911 Force!


Time for a C-Gar


Your Marines in action at Eager Lion in Jordan.