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A basic day in Marine Boot Camp - Motto Monday

You don’t feel like going to work today? Sniff sniff… I think this DI sums it up best when he says “look at that fat walrus up there out running you, he lapped you. You should be running like a deer with your long ass legs”. Before I get any crybaby comments, this “recruit” is giving up mentally during a run. He is in shape but letting his pain get the best of him even though heavier recruits are mentally overcoming the pain and pushing on and out running him. You have to be physically AND mentally tough in the Marine Corps. This recruit is getting the lesson, the hard way. Oh yes, hear those planes taking off? Well MCRD is parallel next to the San Diego airport. Back in 1993 when I went to boot camp, I saw every one of those jets leave and I would have given a finger to be on any of them. But like the pain this scrawny recruit is feeling, that too will pass if/when he gets mentally tough. Suck it up, its Monday, big deal. If you can’t get going, perhaps you need some DI love like in this video.

(hugs & kisses)

Maj Pain

Time for a C-Gar!



Very motivational

Mike P

Even 35 years later, I still have vivid memories of Parris Island. And that s*#t still motivates me. SF.


Ooo-Rah!!! It's been over 45 years since my slimy civilian feet hit those yellow footprints. In my mind it could have been yesterday!


ROFL That's the same voice that lives in my head pushing me to keep moving when my body wants to take a long nap in my lazy boy recliner. Nice to put a face with the voice! ;-)

Maj Pain

You guys are awesome!!! Great comments!!

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