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Actions speak louder than words - One Warrior Making a Difference

One warrior showing how one person can make a difference! Timer for a C-Gar!

A photo of Iraq war veteran Sgt. Eric Hille, in full uniform, standing over the grave of a fallen soldier touched the hearts of millions on Memorial Day as the country celebrated the sacrifices made by America’s men and women in uniform. Hill was reportedly visiting the grave of Sgt. Eric Holke at Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, Calif., KCAL9 reports.


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The Amazing Moment When a 9-Year-Old Girl Threw Out the First Baseball Pitch…and the Catcher Was Her Dad Home From Afghanistan

Nine-year-old Alayna Adams got a big surprise when she was told she would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Thursday’s Tampa Bay Rays game. She had no idea the even bigger shock she was in for. It started when her dad, Lt. Col. Will Adams, appeared on the video screen to say hello and that he would be home soon. Alayna didn’t know how true that was; she threw the ball right down the center and watched it bounce. The man in the Ray’s uniform and catcher’s gear reached up to snag it — then pulled his mask off, revealing himself as her father. Alayna ran to her dad, home from Afghanistan after a one-year deployment, and the two embraced before the roaring crowd. “I thought it was a dream,” she told a TV interviewer a few innings later.


Orig story:http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/05/18/the-amazing-moment-when-a-9-year-old-girl-threw-out-the-first-baseball-pitch-and-the-catcher-was-her-dad-home-from-afghanistan/

A SEAL and His Dog...Frog Dog


Check out the below and read first hand how the SEALs incorporated their K9 warriors into defeating the enemy, then how they became apart of the family. 

Time for a C-Gar!

Roughly three months ago, the National Rifle Association released a trailer for an upcoming short film called “Frog Dog.”  Presented by Brownells Patriot Profiles and sponsored by Smith & Wesson, the video follows the incredible life of former Navy SEAL Trevor Marshek and his dog, who have stood together in combat and at home.

The video’s description on the NRA website reads:

Some SEALs carry ladders, comm gear, breaching tools, explosives and other various kit items specific to the specialty they bring to the fight. Whether Trevor Marshek was rappelling off a cliff, parachuting off the back of a plane, or scaling a wall, his special piece of kit came in the form of a 110-lb. dog with 2″ canines. Many warriors go their separate ways after war, but Trevor brought his buddy home with him.

The fascinating video begins with an account of how a trouble-making surfer/bartender found himself with an irrepressible urge to serve the country after 9/11.  While his brother joined the Air Force, Marshek became a Navy SEAL.

He ended up with his dog, Chopper, by chance.  Marshek was told that a dog program was being started and was basically instructed, he said, to “Go get some dogs and introduce it to the SEAL teams.”

For himself, Marshek chose the “scariest” dog he’d ever seen.

What happened next not only changed (and many times, saved) Marshek’s life, but the lives of some of his teammates, as well.

Memorial Day - It means different things to different people. Motto Memorial Monday

Memorial Day means different things to different people. For many, it is the start of the summer season, an annual trip to the beach, a 3-day weekend, or a great excuse for a barbeque. In my family, it meant more.

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Memorial Day - stop & think what it really is about....


Take a few minutes even if that’s all you do and remember and reflect on those that walked before you to serve this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Every day is Memorial Day for them. America wouldn’t be what it is today if weren’t for them. Your warriors today simply try to walk in their footsteps. Memorial Day isn’t about me and my fellow warriors tell me “Thank You” any day but on Memorial Day praise those that won’t get to see their loved ones on their return flight from war, but instead arrived under the American flag, those that will never get to experience their sacrifices made. Thank them on Memorial Day. Those are the ones that are to be honored on Memorial Day.

Time for a C-Gar

Marine and dog reunited after tour in Afghanistan


Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach said he wasn’t going to cry in uniform.

His were among the few dry eyes today in the State Capitol rotunda. Dozens of people, including Gov. Terry Branstad, attended a surprise reunion (video below) between Gundlach and Casey, a golden Labrador that served with him in Afghanistan.

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One Marine asking for help and making a difference


You may remember this story about Sgt. Al Brenner who like many of our wounded warriors, find themselves in a hard place only to have some turn to suicide. I contacted the warrior after I heard of his story and as an update, he now has a home! Al has broken the code on the specifics in making a difference and wants to tell the world. I wonder why the government & country he went to war for isn’t listening to him? This is one Marine making a difference and he tells us how below.


I asked Al, “How can I help your efforts?”


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