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February 19, 2013



The foreign born fraud America hating prez obammbo has
been doing a fabulous job dismantling America and
alienating our allies.
His owners are proud of him in Bagdad and many other
capitals of mooslum nations.
The idiots that voted for the jerk, TWICE, stuck a
knife DEEP into America's, and our military's back!!!


As a action against our armed forces this Stinks. But something needs to done about the reckless spending going on in our country. If we don't get that under control the US could look like Germanyin the 20's.

It was supposedly cut "equal" amounts from defence and domestic spending. To force both sides to figure something out. Now it just looks like both sides are going to let it happen and blame each other for it. How sad!

Karen I.

They should give noncombat personal who have been involved in infastructure overthere job redoing our infastructure here while keeping them in the service if they want to stay in. We have immediate danger here due to this not being done. We could get more done in a faster time. We have illegal and legal aliens doing some of these jobs
that military people could do in an organized manner with better quality. Keep our infantry, calivary and their support people at work, fighting for us and/or training. A docked Navy is not good either.

ron snyder

We may be kicking butt in AF from a tactical view -but let's not pretend it is making any meaningful or lasting difference. I feel the exact same way I did during our last days in VN decades ago. Get the frack out before we lose any more troops.


The defense has been hit with half of the federal cuts when its the 5th spending allocation. Doeas this make sense? I disagree Mark, this much cut does not generate enough savings towards the budget. I say again, its the 5th in money allocation. Educate yourselves people. Our media is joke and not everything on the internet is always true (i.e snopes) what you dont they lie on snopes? Again, educate yourself people!!

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Loyalty is huge. I have met some loyal dogs in my time. Through wind & rain they are there. Someone once said "A friend will come bail you out of jail but, your best friend will be sitting next to you saying

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