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Untold Number of U.S. Troops to Remain in Afghanistan Beyond 2014


Everyone was told the war was  going to end in 2014. You were told this was your last deployment to Afghanistan. You were told a lot of things, now your being told that even after 2014, we will have warriors in harm’s way. My thought, if the war is over all of a sudden in 2014 by some “magical reason”, why wouldn’t we bring all the troops home? If it’s not over, why are leaving a small footprint to remain compounded with the sequestration, it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun…..or very safe. However, we brought all of the troops out of Iraq right? Ya, they are out of Iraq and they all moved  back into Kuwait, sitting waiting in case they have to go back. I can see this happening in Afghanistan, they will be out of Helmond but we will really be out of Afghanistan? Doesn’t sound like it.

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Sequestration- It’s not only going to hurt the military, it’s going to hurt you

Sequestration began here 

The sequestration is upon us (deadline March 1) and for all purposes it’s going to happen.  Your military, DOD workers, contractors and especially military families are going to suffer from the cuts that are initiated by the government.

"However, its going to hurt "you" non military people as well"

I’ve mentioned here what was already identified to happen with your military  and honestly folks, that’s just the tip of the iceburg. The Marine Corps alone is going to be cut well below the norm and perhaps even further some defense representatives say.  When military branches are cut, they men & women that fill those branches will suffer (as we have already seen with 20,000 Marines hitting the road this month). Furthermore, those military families suffer as well as noted here.

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Fake Marines in the 57th Presidential Inauguration? Not so fast.



 You may have watched it live, or even on tv. I did not. Nor did I watch the Oscar awards but that could be a separate post all together.  Many did watch the 57th Presidential Inauguration January 21, 2013, at 11:55 AM.  Many people noticed something different this year. Something they thought was strange. Many posted about how the Marines did not have bolts in the M1s while marching and that the Marines might not even be Marines. 

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Military Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms...


Ok, I’ll bite, I had dismissed this email/website (very bottom of this post)as soon as I read it. Then, numerous emails came into my inbox asking me if this was legit. My findings, no, the VA isn’t hammering vets to take away their guns. No Marines, sailors I know on the east or left coast or even veterans out of the service have received these as the email promulgates its mass distribution.

Did this person actually get this letter from the VA? Perhaps, and perhaps he needs to be restrained from firearms, I don’t know his situation. What I do know, is this should not prevent any warrior that needs help from getting it. If your a reader and you know of the "masses" recieving these and could put me in touch with them, then I may change my mind. However, until then, I would say this is a far and few situation.

This post is to give you the reader all of the info to make an educated decision)  They sky isn’t falling, not yet at least.

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Another General decides to retire-this is America


Gen Allen retires. You heard it here on OMV (back on Feb 15). However, its strange. Gen Allen is a great person and even better Marine. He’s like that of Gen Mattis, a Marines’ Marine.  I’ve posted in other articles how America is losing its best officers. Why do you suppose that is? There is a common trend, its not a need of a war, because we are actually still at war which makes this even more interesting as you warriors know the need for great leadership in time of war. Some are saying they are being forced out. Being driven out of the military doesn’t discriminate with rank, many, many great warriors are leaving your military and those running this country know this. You will be missed Sir.....

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Some ground truth on the military sequestration


What does the military drawdown “sequestration” mean for your servicemembers,servicemember family members and our future?

The internal attack on our military comes at the worst time ever. Correct, the US down sized its military after WWII and even the Vietnam War and Cold war but to downsize it during the current war on terror, which is still currently under way for those that forgot that every day warriors are kicking butt in Afghanistan.  Although, America has drawn down its forces in the past “after” a war, even then it quickly regretted it.  Some may argue that we have to cut spending to balance the national budget. I would agree however does it make any sense to aim half of the proposed federal cuts onto the military when the military represents one fifth of our federal spending? (Note: many cuts are being justified to support other federal efforts i.e. Obama care instead of balancing the national budget)

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