Remember America we are at war (at least the Marines are) - Motto Monday
Those that say we have fallen short are wrong - We're Americans, we don't fall short

Warriors falling short?

Jan 16

As a follow up to this weeks “Motto Monday” video, yes America is at war….at least your Marines are. It’s amazing how some leadership is saying we (meaning the armed forces) fell short. Hmmm interesting, I thought in leadership you never blamed the junior guy and as a leader took the blame.  Guess that doesn’t apply in DC.

Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Reginald L. Cole, assigned to Police Advisory Team 5 (PAT-5), 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 7, conducts a dismounted patrol while leaving Afghan Uniformed Police station Kwaji Jamal in Now Zad district, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Dec. 24, 2012. Cole, from Seattle, Wash., is deployed with the Marines of PAT-5 to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alejandro Pena)

Well my fellow warriors, I know I didnt fall short of shit while I was there numerous times and as I remember the warriors to my right & left didnt fall short (especially those that gave all and arent here with us today). I think "we fell short" could have been worded a bit differently. But it wasnt.


Time for a C-Gar for those of us who didnt "fall short".


Mike P

The blame game continues. You think a Obama has the balls to tell our brave warriors this, to their face? I don't think so. Semper Fi.


Da Prez Obango is an insult to the "Commander In Chief"
title and he despises our brave military members because
he knows that they despise his fraudulent reign of power.
I feel ill every time I see the good Marine salute the
fraud everytime he boards our Air Force One.
I don't blame the Marine for doing his duty but I'll
guess he cringes every time he has to do it.


The truth is the truth no matter how it is spun...and a turd is still a turd no matter how polished it is...and the only failure is from the administration to have our brave men and women's back.


There is ittle doubt where the military stands under the current administration...


Not to worry, Major, those of us in the "Heartland" hold our Warriors and their families in the highest regard. We hold our military in higher esteem than any government institution.

Remember the "Heartland" is not one place on the map.

"We come from the West Virginia coalmines...And the Rocky Mountains and the western skies....North California and South "Alabam" and little towns all across this land..."

Country Boy Can Survive

- Hank Jr -


Our soldiers are brave women. They would do everything just to protect our land. I admire them!

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