Warriors falling short?
Would you have acted? Motto Monday



Yes, Major,we never fall short. I saw many of my high school seniors volunteer for various branches of the service upon high school graduation. So determined. Most volunteered for the Marine Corp. Many came from single mom families and worked full time after school at jobs, so they could have medical benefits. Many didn't see a parent all week because the parent worked a second or third shift. I worried sick about each of them after they entered their service. Most came back to visit...most had truly grown into a great man. Older, wiser, mature, proud to be part of that band of brothers. So young, so much to learn, but committed. This is why I am grateful for leaders such as you to give my students the leadership skills they are ready for and await. Every heart that beats on a battlefield deserves honor.......and leadership to be proud of. God bless our military for protecting our freedoms.



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