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January 30, 2013



OOH-RAH General Amos!


Two thumbs up! Bet the majority all in for women in combat infantry units will be singing another song if their 18 year old daughters are ordered to register with Selective Service. Will that happen? The way this world is turning I would not bet against it.

Mike P

"We can't make adjustments on what's required on the battlefield. That's not why America has a Marine Corps" Somebody has to say it. Semper Fi.


I am skeptical when the infantry school for enlisted Marines "is being looked at closely to determine whether the standards are a good measurement of physical and mental requirements of Marine infantrymen." This could mean a couple of things, they are too high for proper "assimilation" or too low and need to be upgraded. Or,if not enough females qualify, then the standards can be tweaked for proper assimilation (more females).

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