The end of female engagement teams
Motto Monday - Remember, we are still at war!

America might, Washington DC might, Marines never forget why we are fighting

911 cobra
I would love to see this fly over my Marines & I providing close air support. Wonder why Marine grunts like Marines in the air supporting them? Wait for it....because they are Marines. We all went to The Basic School & those sexy MOS Marine pilots know that us grunts need them when we call on them and they deliver 110% of the time. Other branches are great and I won't turn down support period but I always feel a bit better when my brothers show up to the fight. Plus, like grunts, they don't forget why we are at war. One Team, One Fight.Semper Fi

Time for a C-Gar!



Marine Helicopter company pays tribute to NYC Fire Department By Sgt. John Jackson, Regional Command Southwest

CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan (Dec. 17, 2011) — In an effort to ensure Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron-169 Marines remember why they are deployed, the squadron has adopted one of New York City's most decorated Fire Department ladder companies that was heavily involved during rescue attempts at the World Trade Center, Sept. 11, 2001.

The squadron, which is comprised of AH-1W Super Cobras and UH-1Y Hueys and tasked with providing air support to Marines and their Coalition and Afghan partners, began its current deployment in southern Afghanistan in November.

During this deployment, in addition to communicating with the "Green Berets" of Engine 60, Ladder 17, a company that has been awarded 18 Department Medals for Valor and more than 20 unit citations since 1970, at the conclusion of the squadron's shift-change briefs, Lt. Col. Garrett Hoffman, commanding officer, HMLA-169, announces the name and shows the photograph of a fallen firefighter who lost his life on 9/11. He then ends the brief by saying two simple words: "Never forget."

The squadron also has one additional tribute to the ladder company and to all New York City Fire Department (NYCFD) members, as Marines with the Corrosion Control Section (CCS) developed and painted a mural on the side on a Super Cobra to honor the NYCFD and to help ensure the squadron's Marines and anyone who sees the aircraft patrol the Afghan sky remembers why they are deployed.

"We took an actual picture of the New York skyline prior to 9/11, and then scaled the photo," said Sgt. Micheal Morgan, the CCS noncommissioned officer in charge. "Then we built a model to see how it would look on the (aircraft) and eventually hand painted the image on the actual (helicopter)."

The process took the CCS approximately one week to complete. While the Marines in the section are proud of their work, they understand the importance and bigger picture of the message behind it.

"It serves as a reminder to everyone in the squadron and anyone who sees the aircraft," said Lance Cpl. Jacob Estrada, a CCS Marine with the squadron. "Not only is it a reminder of why we are here, but it is also definitely a morale booster and motivator for everyone."

"Sometimes when you are (working on the flightline), you forget exactly where you are," said Lance Cpl. Philip Shands, a CCS Marine. "Now, every time you see that aircraft, you remember where you are and why you are here."

The mural painted on the aircraft is also intended to serve as a reminder to all Marines throughout Helmand Province of the important role each of them plays.

"Not only does the aircraft represent the New York City emergency responders, it also reminds Marines of what we are fighting for here in Afghanistan," said Capt. Gregory Butler, the CCS officer in charge and a Super Cobra pilot. "Regardless what a Marine does while deployed, whether he is working on the flightline, is an administrator or patrolling the streets, everyone plays a vital role."

The squadron has approximately four months remaining in Afghanistan and will continue to support and pay tribute to Engine 60, Ladder 17 and the NYCFD throughout their deployment as the Super Cobra continues to patrol the Afghan sky reminding Marines of why they are here.


Maj Pain

Does anybody remember we are fighting????


Nice gesture :)


Team Marine. As a nice sound, doesn't it.


George Santayana - "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Ken - 3531

As a ground Marine, I always thought the Air Wing was a bit of a different world even though they were the ones you wanted to see overhead in Viet Nam. After my son became an FA-18D WSO, I learned how totally dedicated they were to the "watching over the guys on the ground". One team, one fight.

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