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Supporting the troops or a different agenda all together?


Many of you supporters out there make your donations to certain organizations and help deployed and wounded warriors more than ever could be conceived 20 years ago. For that I want to say Thank you from all of us that have received your support.  As you know I support Why? Its  simple, because they give a shit about your warriors. I was deployed, asked for support for my Marines and got it when it really made a difference as we sat in the mountains of Tarin Kowt Afghanistan in a make shift out post. There was no request of us to promote the site. The site was promoted because it worked. It’s really very simple. AnySoldier crew isn’t in it for big sponsors or big pay checks no, they barley are “making it” especially during these times in our country.  


Thus, it is interesting to see the below story and how things are manipulating some organizations original goal or focus. One can let politics influence their directions when one gets to be an influential organization. The trick is to remember why you decided to do their  organization in the first place and the true meaning behind it without the distortion that can come when organizations get bigger and people use them to influence politics.  

Some are saying that this is an avenue some companies like this are taking to support legislation that denies Veterans the right to keep arms, after they return, if they are injured with PTSD.

I do find it interesting that the WWP has stated that they would be glad to continue to recieve their annual donations from the many gun & hunting organizations but will not allow them to utilize or promote the WWP because they dont want to be associated with guns or knives.

Read the below and make your own decision. You all are smart people. The Wounded Warrior Project has done many great things in the past. It would be unfortunate if they let others influence their business plan to excel in what they foresee as greater gains.

Time for a CGar


More articles on this here and here.

There are many organizations out there and below is a short list of some that can use your help:


AnySoldier Inc


The Semper Fi Fund

(A highly-rated charity that helps wounded vets of all branches)


Fisher House Foundation

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors – T.A.P.S.

Let’s Bring ‘Em Home

Special Operations Warriors Foundation

Navy Seal Foundation



Sad to see what is happening to WWP, they made their choice and they will have to live with it. I hope that the Wounded Warriors will find support some other way. As to the, etc., they are probably the most personal way one is able to give support to our awesome Warriors. I am not familiar with their "income" structure, but I assume, you would not be involved with them if they were nor effective and reputable. God bless you Maj. B. for your service. Merry Christmas and PEACE in New Year 2013. Semper Gratus (Always Grateful)
Gratitude is attitude, and attitude is everything!


Long live

They are pure in a world full of corruption.

Maj Pain

Thanks guys and you are correct. If there is somthing bogus I would call it out. I owe that to my Marines. Here is some good facts about where the money goes within AnySoldier:

Where does the money go?

Forum IRT AnySoldier:


Too bad they do not give as much to the actual wounded-i've given to them before, although not all the time. Guess i'll stick with, they are awesome :D


I have just added AnySoldier to my list, which includes Armed Services YMCA, Fallen Heroes Fund, Fisher House Foundation, Homes for our Troops, Marine Semper Fi Fund, National Military Family Association. All of these are posted on my blog, I pick
these because most of the money goes to the Vets and not to the org. for operating
expenses. Not to long ago my wife and I were coming out of Sams Club and there
was a Veterans group outside doing a fund raiser and I droped in 5 bucks in there little box and walk way.
By the time we got to the car, I told my wife that I shouldn't
have done that. When I got home I did a search on that org. and sure enough they
kept about 65% for operating expenses. I should have known better, another clue,
was one of the guys collecting money was wearing a hat that said Vietnam Vet
thinking back I thought, that guy didn't look old enough to have been in Nam.

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