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"We've already taken risk now" Your Marine Corps is laying off

The Commandant of the Marine Corps verbalizes his disconcert about the fast approaching defense budget cuts weakening your Marine Corps to bare bones numbers. Below he talks how dropping to a below par number of Marines will put security at risk and will prevent Marines from completing required missions. He holds his ground but the evident massive defense cuts can’t be stopped as the election is over and plans are set in place.  At least he is voicing that he disagrees with it.

Time for a CGar....the box is getting empty......


Daniel Wasserbly
   Washington, DC

The top US Marine Corps (USMC) general has suggested that he is not comfortable with further reducing the corps' planned 182,000 end-strength to save more money, but said that maintaining constant "readiness" is his top priority.

"My most important measure is not how many marines or items of equipment we have, but how ready we are to accomplish our mission," USMC Commandant General James Amos said during an 8 November briefing at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.

"Protecting our readiness is probably the number one concern on my plate - being our nation's expeditionary crisis response force, there's no effective substitute for readiness," Gen Amos stated, adding that fewer marines could eventually affect the corps' capacity for response.

The USMC began to grow its force around 2006 from about 176,000 marines to a high of 202,000 during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then, asked to plan for a post-war corps, the marines established a Force Structure Review Group that studied overall requirements and suggested they would need 186,000 active duty troops in total.

Gen Amos noted that the recommendation was still 10,000 marines more than in 2006, but that this accounted for changes that include establishing Marine Corps Special Operations Command (3,500 marines), fully manning all units (around 6,000), creating a cyber component (about 1,000), and building organisations for counterinsurgency training or other functions.

The 2011 Budget Control Act, however, dropped the Pentagon's planned 10-year spending by USD487 billion and this necessitated that the USMC drop its end-strength still further, down to 182,000 troops by Fiscal Year 2017.

"We've already taken risk now," Gen Amos said, "going down to [182,000]". Any further reductions to USMC end-strength are "going to reduce capacity and in some cases maybe some capability" to be able to respond to multiple crises or needs, he added.

To ensure that the USMC can afford a force of 182,000 personnel, Gen Amos said the corps could assume more risk in its modernisation accounts. "Am I going to be able to buy all the things I want? No. Am I going to be able to modernise the way I want? No."

For example, he cited the USMC's plans to buy 5,500 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles rather than an originally programmed 20,000, and instead refurbish and possibly upgrade Humvees and 7-ton trucks.

However, he added, "there are some things I absolutely have to do", such as modernise the corps' CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters, which are more than 40 years old.'

Key Points

Maintaining 'readiness' is the USMC commandant's top priority as defence spending is set to slow

He believes cuts in end-strength beyond current plans for 182,000 marines would 'reduce capacity'

Presidents cuts -




Mike P

We knew that this was coming. With the current and newly re-elected occupant of the White House, I am sure that this is only the beginning. How else is he going to look after those that saved his job. Sad day for the United States of America's military. Just imagine what it will be like in four years. Semper Fi.


171,000 Retirees Likely To Lose TRICARE Prime Option.

With the presidential election over, Defense officials are expected to announce soon that military retirees and their dependents living more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or base closure site will lose access to TRICARE Prime, the military's managed care option. (

Dave H

Ah yes, the tired old argument that 'You're betraying our boys in uniform' unless you keep expanding capability and cost forever. Well Commandant of the Marine Corps, the cuts are minimal. And you won't be able to do cool expeditionary stuff as well as you used to? Oh well. Too bad. How did Iraq work out for ya? Afghanistan? How many suicides? How many homeless vets? Your CH46's are worn out from higher operational tempos due to two pointless wars. V22's suck as a replacement so perhaps you'd better blame the defense manufacturers for making overpriced junk and the Marine Corps for accepting it. Get a grip.

Mike P

Hey Dave H? Fuck you.


Mike, ya took the words outa my mouth. Yes Dave go Fuck yourself then move to China you bleeding heart liberal piece of crap. You bad mouth the Marines but pray they continue to defend this country. I bet you voted for Obama.

Sandy T

Both active duty and retired military are about to feel a punch in the gut

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