US to leave 10,000 troops in Afghanistan past 2014 (more like 30,000)
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Case in point: the Commander-in-Chief has decided to fire 20,000 of our U.S. Marines.

In an article published by San Diego, California’s North County Times, ironically on Thanksgiving Day, Military Affairs reporter Gretel C. Kovach cites;

“The Corps is shrinking by 20,000 Marines, to 182,100.”

The North County Times also cited that America’s premier fighting force is;

“scraping to repair or replace battle-worn equipment.”

Some of the first to go will be combat hardened Marines, Lieutenants, Majors and LtColonels

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Time for a CGar



Elections have consequences.


Here we go again!

Stan R Mitchell

Sheesh, Major. That was one of the more biased articles I've read in some time, but the bigger question I have for you is whether a reduction in force for the Marine Corps is a good thing.

As a 0311 Marine who served from 95-99, I've got plenty of buddies who stayed in who tell me standards were too loosened to allow for the expansion with both wars.

Anyway, I think this is a fair question, and I think all of our forces would be better served if many of its members stopped ripping the President so much and made the legitimate, and coherent, case for why we must keep our forces at their current levels.

Stan R. Mitchell
Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Stan R Mitchell

I should have further elaborated that many in even the Republican Party -- I'd say roughly 30 percent -- favor a more Libertarian/Isolationist approach to our nation's defense. I'm in this group, as well.

We have two great oceans and two friendly neighbors, as well as the world's best Navy and Air Force. Let's follow George Washington's advice and do a better job minding our own business, while beefing our home and border security, since terrorism will remain a threat.

Semper Fidelis,
Stan R. Mitchell
Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Maj Pain

Here are the consequences of shrinking the Marine Corps specifically. With the Marine Corps being the smallest of the US armed forces that are currently exceeding a deployment rotation of 1:1 (meaning having the same time back in the states as you are deployed) not like back in 1999 where you were doing UDP deployments to Oki. However, with the proposed cuts, the Marine Corps mission in Afghanistan and around the world hasn’t been reduced just increased the stress on personnel meeting the same demand/mission. You can draw your own conclusion to what that will result in.

Furthermore the majority of those fired will be infantry Marines who over the past 10+ years have accumulated unique combat experience that can only be obtained by actual combat from 2001 - present. These Marines throughout the ranks will depart with their knowledge and thus it won’t be passed onto those coming into the Marines. A skill that was difficult to obtain will parish forever. Sure you will have written documents that explain tactics etc, but we also have history books from WWI. Not the same.

Looking at dismissing 20,000+ also has an affect on those departing and the country as a whole. A subject many don’t look at.

The military is not all fighting and hardware. The training offered 1 million youths is in many cases superior to what they now find on today's college campuses. They leave the military with skills and responsibilities, and without student loans; all too often, in contrast, our twenty-something students pile up debt without skills or real learning on contemporary campuses. We trust 20-year olds in the military to guide $100 million jets on carriers and make life threatening decisions on patrols; in contrast, I find it dangerous to walk across a campus parking lot with 20-year-old students running through stop signs.
Furthermore these 20,000 will now be faced with an already saturated unemployment market. 20,000, 25-45 year olds hitting the unemployment line with a lot of qualifications. The competition just got tougher.

Of course there will never be another 9/11, Koreans wont cross the 38th parallel, China wont invade Taiwan but if they do and we need a quick response amphibious force in response like in the past, we wont have it and training up Marines takes time and the combat experienced lost can’t be trained.

Some may debate that cutting 20,000 will save the nation financially. Know, the Marine Corps receives just 6 cents for every dollar spent on the defense budget, with the USAF out in front. With a significant drawdown of the USMC will leave only two options in time of a required response (read self-defense):
1) We can nuke the daylights out of the opponent
2) We can give in to the opponent.
Fighting a counter insurgency long term war (OIF – OEF) will no longer be feasible and the enemy knows this………and is watching America.


Great response Major, many thing you say are missed by the "general" public. Annon, you said it precisely, elections have many many consequences.....I would have just like to have a job and not pay $5 at the gas station.

Cindi  R.

Two friendly countries? Canada and who? Mexico??? You got to be kidding. Mexico is so corrupt with drug cartels they are trashing our so called border and American citizens along with abductions. Its clear you have never been close to the southern border of America and see what you call a friendly "southern" country. You have never been in NC where the illegal’s are everywhere and the last thing the Mexican Gov would worry about is the security of the US. This is the exact mentality that is killing our nation. Coincidently the exact same kind of people that voted for obama.


The Marine Corps arnt the only area that massivecuts are being made.
This is a mistake and when you realize it, it will be toolate.
The problem is not defense spending.

Someone has to keep the sea lanes open in the world. When we dont, get used to paying alot more for gar and many other things.


When the sh&t hits the fan, dont whine that the US isnt doing anything about it if you reduce our forces. You cant have it both ways.


I am praying that you will not lose your job in this planned reduction in force, MP. You are doing a great job, and I hope the higher ups recognize your effort and talent.

Stan R Mitchell

Wow, Major. I have to say, you've absolutely changed my mind and convinced me you're correct.

Is such an eloquent argument being made by those higher up? (And not just to Congress, but to the public. And your point about the economy and job market situation is one rarely made, that I'm aware of.)

Anyway, I really, really appreciate you taking the time to say all that and educate me. If you don't care, I'm going to post something related to this exchange and quote you on some of those excellent points.

Cindi R., respectfully, I think you're insulting my intelligence. I'm literally writing a novel on Mexico and its violence, and have been researching it for years. Furthermore, I specifically said in my response that we needed to beef up our border security. My point was that we're not threatened as a country with invading armies, as so many other countries are. Still, though, I appreciate your comment and the fact you're well informed and engaged in our public discourse.

Semper Fi to all.


Maj Pain

Good on ya my friend and I appreciate you checking out the blog & especially commenting. It opens other peoples eyes as well as I know many wouldn't have thought about some of the things both of us brought up. Keep fighting warrior and good luck on the Mexico novel. When your done let me know I will do a post about it.

Semper Fi

Stan R Mitchell

Will do, Major, and thanks again.

Keep moving.



OK, Stan, I'd like to add a few things that the Major didn't, because he wasn't in the Corps at the time. I was
in the Corps in 1959 at that time the Corps was much
smaller then the 180,100 they want to get down to now.
In 59 we were at 175,000, but you can't compare then
and now, its just not the same anymore. The Marine
Corps now has many more responsibilities then in the
passed. The Marine Corps is doing things now we never
thought of back then. For exsample, I was in 3rd Recon
in 1960, how do you think I got there? most would say
you took a test to get in to Recon, NO I was asked
which unit I wanted to go to when I arrived on Okinawa
I chose Recon, Can't do that anymore, you do have to
take a test. The Corps is specialized now it take more
people to do more things, or I'd be the first to say
let it go back to the good old days of 175,000 but we
can't. I also would say we fought in some places we
should have never fought in, the cost was way to high
for the end product.

Semper FI

Stan R Mitchell

Good points, Bruce. Thanks for adding your thoughts, and I've subscribed by RSS feeds to your blog, so I look forward to getting to know you better.

Semper Fi and Yut Yut from Oak Ridge...



As promised, Major, I posted a summary of our conversation, admitted I was wrong, and urged my readers to contact their elected leaders.

Post here:



Argh. Wrong link.

Adjust fire to said coordinates below.

Fire for effect.

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