Social Media Is Saving Soldiers' Lives In Ways You'd Never Expect
Happy Birthday Marines - 237 years Semper Fidelis

I know Jack! Operation Ride Home




Those of you warriors out there that visit One Marine’sView from time to time know that there are three things I absolutely love. 1) America, 2) Cigars and 3) Jack Daniels.

There are many things Jack Daniels can do for you but one thing the warriors at Jack Daniels & Armed Services YMCA are doing that affects those close to me is helping them get home.  In past posts, after kicking ass & taking names the one thing warriors want is a simple one, to go home.

There have been too many times following a deployment that everyone leaves the parking lot with loved ones and as I sit a reflect back of the prior deployment with a cigar in the parking lot I always watch for those that have no one to welcome them home, no one to hug, no one to tell them good job Marine. Then I grab them up, get some drinks and treat em like rock stars.

“At the end of the day being home for the holidays is the best place to be”  

Bringing Our Troops Home for the Holidays.

Jack Daniel's is honored to partner with the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) of the USA on our Operation Ride Home campaign as we work to reunite our service members and their families during the holiday season.

We were very proud to kick off this year’s campaign with a $100,000 donation, and we hope our friends will do what they can to help us in the effort.

The trained staff of the ASYMCA will work closely with military commands and committed volunteers in every branch of service to identify those service members and families in most need of financial assistance and to assist them with travel. Through travel vouchers for plane tickets and pre-paid debit cards for gas, lodging and food, we hope to surpass the overwhelming success of last year's effort that helped send 721 Fort Campbell soldiers and their families home last year.

The ASYMCA offers no-cost and low-cost programs for nearly 500,000 active duty-enlisted military and their families each year at 33 branches and affiliates with hands on innovative programming nationwide. For the sixth consecutive year, the Armed Services YMCA was rated in the top 3% of charities nationwide by Charity Navigator in 2011.  Please visit to learn more.

We thank you again for contributing what you can to assist in our effort. Your tax deductible donation (tax ID #36-3274346) to the ASYMCA, a top-rated non-profit, and Operation Ride Home will make a significant difference in the lives of junior military service members and their families this holiday season.



Happy 237th birthday to all the Marine warriors, both past and present, and especially to my personal fav, Maj. Pain! Have a cigar and jack on me today, warrior, and God bless and keep our Marines always! Semper Fi!
your warrior 'sis' in Georgia,

Maj Pain

Thx warrior!!

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