Fail - Thousands of ballots unlikely to reach military voters in time
Social Media Is Saving Soldiers' Lives In Ways You'd Never Expect


Mike P

That pretty much says it all. Happy Birthday to our beloved Corps. Semper Fi.


Happy birthday-what do get the Corps with everything? :D

Maj Pain

Very true Mike! Semper Fi
Mindy-ya keep doing what your best at at and as long as you support your Marines, they will walk through fire for you. Semper Fi


Thanks Major and Go Daddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES. Heres my Birthday post, not as
loud as Go Daddy Marines Hymn (slow Version)


The Marines are America's spear point.
Without them we'd be speaking Japanese today.
They are the most dangerous weapon ever to
exsist on the Earth and their sacrifices humble me.


Happy Birthday, Marines! Hubby is proud to have served his country as one of "the few, the proud". And remember everyone: THERE ARE NO EX-MARINES..

Yan Holguin

Happy Birthday to our beloved Corps.

Maj Pain

Keep tuned, Commandant of the Marine Corps Birthday msg to follow - Semper Fidelis all - thanks for the comments

Sammy D

We think of you every day - active, retired, deployed or serving here at home. You're the best of the best, Marines!!


My dad wore his Marine Emblem around his neck till his death. He was proud to have served in the corps and we were proud of him! Happy Birthday to the best!

Tennille Gorham

your best at at and as long as you support your Marines.


From Patrick Le Mans France


Happy Birthday MARINES!

From my house to your house:

Thank you and your loved ones for standing on the wall 24/7/365.


Happy Birthday - no thank you can ever be big enough for what all of you have done, and done so well, for 237 years!! And to you Maj Pain personally THANK YOU and God Bless you and yours


Sempi Fi Sir

jjustin bieber shoes

It's an interesting dilemma that Lurie will face. Is the talent on the current roster really that bad? Or are they being misused by the coaching staff? Are the players failing because of a depleted and stressful atmosphere that seems to be surrounding the team? Or are they simply overrated?
I think it's a combination of all that.

Many people think when Reid goes, Vick will go with him and this team will get blown up with the exception of a few core players. If we were to bring in someone like Gruden, I think he'd likely stick with Vick and try to reshape the offense so that it better suits his skill set.

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