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Its the little things.......Dads,they rock! Every Day is Memorial day

I have had multiple deployments and I can tell you, after the grief, pain, loss and fatique, there is nothing, nothing like comming home. Its the simple things in life, dont neglect them people. You wont miss them until they are gone. The pic below is my first deployment return homecomming. Its a great feeling, especially after 5 of them........

Time for a CGAR (for those that didnt come home)

Welcome home

USMC 4-star: Women to attend infantry school - Update

  It was reported on OMV HERE. Now see the follow up below.

 The Marine Corps’ effort to evaluate whether more combat jobs should open to women marked another milestone last week when the second of two female volunteers washed out of infantry officer training.

A second lieutenant, she was dropped from the program Friday after failing to complete required training due to unspecified medical reasons, a Marine official told Marine Corps Times. It’s unclear whether she was injured or if she became ill.

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Military Working Dogs up for grabs!!! UPDATE!!

Dog 3

Email on adopting Marine dogs is a hoax

By USA TODAY staff
Posted : Wednesday Oct 17, 2012 12:43:27 EDT

The Marine Corps is debunking an offer to provide bomb-sniffing dogs for adoption that has been published by numerous websites, blogs and email lists.

There are currently no bomb detection dogs available for adoption, the Marine Corps Systems Command said in a statement.

An email whose origin is not clear and that appeared to circulate widely said the Corps was looking for good homes for “incredibly well-trained” Labradors, Belgian Malinois, border collies, German shepherds and Rottweilers that served in war zones.

The email went on to say that the approximately 400 dogs were “war heroes,” having saved countless American lives by sniffing out improvised explosive devices before they could blow up. Adoptive families were told they must go to Washington to pick up the dogs or arrange transport at their own expense.

The contact information provided in the email was that of an actual Marine office and staffer, but when contacted Tuesday the office said the email was a hoax and no such offer was available.

However, by then news stations’ websites in Miami and elsewhere had run with the email, as had blogs that cover topics involving pets and adopting animals. Neighborhood listserves in Arlington, Va., home of the Pentagon, also posted the offer to thousands of members.

The Marine Corps Systems Command said it was not known who received the email or who sent it out.

The Marines said such offers are sometimes made for “decommissioned” dogs but that they are offered to other federal agencies first since many are still fit for service even when they can no longer deploy to war zones.

The USMC has been working hard to find homes for about 50 IED/Explosives
detection dogs out of Afghanistan.  There are an additional number of dogs
that will be available over the next year as well.

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Cuban missile crisis: Really touch-and-go? (Everyday is Memorial Day)

Maj Anderson

5:44PM EDT October 14. 2012 - GREENVILLE, S.C. — The forgotten man of the Cuban missile crisis was once its hero — the only American to perish in a conflict that could have killed millions.


Maj. Rudolf Anderson was "the martyr who died for us all," said Eric Sevareid, the CBS Evening News analyst. Future generations would lay flowers at Anderson's grave, he predicted, in thanks for the "hosts of others who did not die."

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Never Forget- Welcome home warrior - Heroes Call

Delouise Guerra the sister of Marine PFC James Jacques is presented the flag that draped his casket at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012. The Jacques funeral was held 37 years after he was killed during the rescue of the crew of an American cargo ship seized by Cambodia in May of 1975. His remains were identifies in August 2012. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

"He was a very loving, very caring - well, he was my baby brother," she said. "He was just a really good person."

Jacques grew up in La Junta, a small town about 140 miles southeast of Denver. He joined the Marines in October 1974, shortly after his 18th birthday. His family was apprehensive but didn't try to dissuade him, Guerra said.

"It was something he wanted to do," Guerra said. "He wanted to go and serve his country and do his best."

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