Joint Operations With Afghan Forces Suspended At Field Level
Get Moving!!! - Motto Monday!

Some interesting developements

Like so many countries out there, they criticize our existence, blame our warriors for sneezing in public, complain at everything we do and mandate we pay them millions of dollars……….until they have a natural disaster, like a tsunami or even bigger threat nears like another country threatening them. Then, they are all of a sudden really glad Americans are there.


Time for a CGar

Tens of thousands protest against Osprey deployment

Japan to Tell Obama It Wants Okinawa Marine Base Closed

China deploys two warships after Tokyo announces disputed island purchase

Japan OKs deployment of Ospreys to Okinawa

Very interesting...................


Mike P

We were living on Okinawa in 1969, my Father was stationed at Kadena. A B-52 crashed of the end of the runway, killing civilians, not an ideal situation for those of us living off of the base. Base housing was unavailable and my Father wanted us over there with him. Needless to say, the Military Police had to escort our school buses for awhile, due to the protests. Nothing like being seven years old and riding in a bus with wire screen over the windows in a convoy with armed M.P.s. They've wanted us gone for a long time, so like the Afghan's that are killing our guys, screw 'em. Semper Fi.


What a shocker/sarcasm

Delana Hildreth

They are all of a sudden really glad Americans are there.

Alethia Brockman

They are all of a sudden really glad Americans are there.

Halina Stoll

Then, they are all of a sudden really glad Americans are there.

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