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Angel Flight - Remember those that gave all


You may have heard of an “Angel Flight" before. I had seen this video during a previous deployment to Afg but didn’t post because I thought it was kinda taboo. Kinda like getting me into a hospital when there is nothing wrong with me (or when there is) I don’t like the places and its damn near an act of congress to get me into one. Some of the most talented and underpaid people work there, I just don’t like the places, call me funny . You can see why then I thought at first this was bogus to post before due to my location but I have to say as Ive always said, “when it’s your time, it’s your time" and there isn’t anything you can do about it so you might as well go forth and do great things! Below is a previous post I did that I thought worked well with this video. A subject many on the front see every day but want to avoid it 100% of the time. Get a cup of coffe and read the below then watch the video and remember the “Angel Flights”.

If we don't tell, people wont know. If they don't know, they will call us liars when we speak of what these great men and women did for their country.

Time for a CGAR!

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I cant explain everything - 2012 Memorial to 1/8 Fallen-Every Day is Memorial Day

I hope that you will take the time to read the essay "2012 Memorial to 1/8 Fallen" written by Kathy Godwin below. There are many things that happen in our life that we don’t understand and those events that make us sad or frustrated. I can’t explain why many things happen. Why bad things happen to great people. I can’t explain it. But I can explain like Kathy did below, there is a bigger calling for all of us and everything happens for a reason. We may not like the event happening but the is a greater element out there people. There are no atheists in foxholes.

 Time for a Cigar.


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Sacrifice - a little concept I pray America understands


(A warriors trys to keep composure before he leaves onn deployment) Sacrifices. It’s one thing to give up your Saturday to work overtime. It’s another to give up all of your Saturdays for a year to work overtime, and get shot at.  Its one thing many of your warriors have become very humble about, sacrifice. The sacrifice made not only on the surface but I can tell you I have seen some of the meanest Marines during the departure of a deployment look away from a family member, get on the plane to Afghanistan and have a tear in their eye.

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For you "pilot" types out there

Being in the back of these things (always happy to fly than walk) its always a treat to get a few minutes of well deserved sleep especially when flying from Khandahar to our remote outpost. However, I dont think you would get any sleep in the plane in the below video as this stud knows the plane better than its on board computer. Check it out then have a cup of coffee, you deserve it....

Time for a CGar!


Two steps foward and one step back - Afg


So if you recall during some of my deployments, I dint share much of “what” exactly was happening, due to Op Sec and that yes, bad guys check out OMV.

There are times during my last deployment and even now the same frustration can be felt where you make so much effort to make the littlest things work with the people of Afghanistan. You bend over backwards, you give, give and give some more and they still hold their hand out expecting you do even more. The bad part is when you even go a step further, they double cross you. Nothing like going two steps forward and one step back.

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Doing more with less - Motto Monday

Being only one of five quadruple amputees in the armed forces, StaffSgt Mills fights to keep the positive things up front, like his family.  Like StaffSgt Mills, Cpl Nicely is also a quadruple amputee. Nicely was with me in Afghanistan (second time around), or I should say, I was with him.  I assisted in medevac’ing the lad and the thing that blows me away about all of these warriors is their attitude.

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