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June 18, 2012


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Graet article. Thanks!

Robert Horan

It wasn't until I arrived at Parris Island that I found out the significance of my birth date, 11/10...the recruiter must still be laughing. As you can imagine, the DI's enjoyed that little fact to no end - everything had to be faster, better, and more than 'One More For The Corp'. I was on leave after getting out of ITR, and was home on 11/10 - home was also the Division HQ for the 4th Marine Division and my girlfriend and myself had stopped at the local watering hole to celebrate my birthday (Didn't dawn on me at the time, but it was across the street from the HQ building). When we walked in, it was like it was a blue zebra farm - I hadn't seen that many stripes and hash marks in my short life in the Corps. One Sgt Maj asked me how I was enjoying the Marine Birthday, and my girlfriend (naively) mentioned that it was mine - after having to produce my ID, we didn't have to spend a dime on libation the rest of the evening. On my tour in 'Nam with 1st Marines, I always had a feeling that Chesty was watching over me.


The reason the Army does not know or care about there birthday is because they do
not have Army pride. They only have unit pride, but Marines have Marine Corps pride,
does not matter what your job is in the Corps or what unit your with, your still a
Marine. Thats why you will not find unit patches on the shoulders on Marine Corps

Maj Pain

You nailed it Bruce!
Good stuff - Rob!!
Thanks Riche!!!


Yes - marines go marine wide to find their pride . Army defines pride in terms of " I'm with the ...... 101st Airborne , 1st Cav , etc

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