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June 27, 2012



Heading closer to the one world blue & white uniform.


Ironic coming from the Department of the Navy. I know, I know, groundpounders must sharpen as iron on iron. Keep us honest, Jar.

Guy Manningham

I was in long before the digitalized camo uniforms came out. Never was a fan of them. I think it makes us look like a bunch of 8-bit Nintendos games. Haha but I'm just an old vet and my 2 cents doesn't mean anything.

Maj Pain

Good comments Gang- I hear ya, when I enlisted we wore the old basic tri color vietnam style cammies (no Im not getting old). The white shirts will never work for Marines, we are too messy for "white" and plus the tan digital camies hides spilled black coffee rather well....just sayin


Is it just me or do the Class Bs with the white shirt make them look like security guards?


Icecream men...........

Mike P

When I went in the Corps, we were being issued cammies left over from Viet Nam along with sateen covers. The ones that you starched. But white shirts? Yeah, right. Semper Fi.


I posted on the same topic:


Larae Clawson

It just didn't. Now the Army's going back to the old.

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