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The good idea train has already left - Go Army


Hey Army....you could develop a desert and a green style digital camies that work in %99.99 throughout the world....oh wait the Marine Corps already did that. Its ok Army Joes, we Marines know you love to buy new gear all the time and walk around in three shades of patterns. Very sexy by the way. Yes, the Marine Corps uniform is pretty basic, comes only in two colors, Motto Green and Motto Desert but here is the catch, the Marine applied the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid) and ya know what, it works. So go on with yer bad self Army joes and have 10 types of uniform, by the end of the year you will have an 11th I’m sure. Nice new white shirt w/ your Class B uniforms.  Very sexy…..white? are you serious???


Semper Fi-Time for a CGar!

After eight years and billions of dollars, the Army has given up on an ambitious effort to clothe its soldiers in a "universal camouflage pattern." The grey uniform, widely issued and widely loathed, was supposed to blend in equally well in all environments, from desert sand to green forest to city streets. It just didn't. Now the Army's going back to the old, obvious approach of having different designs for different places.

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Help those that help our warriors! Every little bit helps!



You know I am a supporter (check out these posts) of the kick butt charity AnySoldier. Why, simple, because they were right there next to me relentlessly during all of my multiple combat tours and I cant describe the help they brought to my Marines, made Christmas hoolidays, birthdays, the typical day SPECIAL for all of us. Please read below and see how now you can help those that help us that are deployed.


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What whoop asss looks like - Combat Update

An M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, with Alpha Company, 1st Tank Battalion, moves into position during a firefight in the town of Zamindawar, May 27, 2012. The tanks support Marines with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment during Operation Jaws.

In 2011 The Marines Corps implemented tanks into Afghanistan. There wasn’t an enemy tank threat, the tanks were simply used to direct fire into the enemy when mortars or close air support couldn’t while at the same time minimizing civilian casualties.  Try being a bad guy, shooting at Marines and having a tank respond to your machinegun fire(chew on that bad guys).

 In the second picture you will see Marines. This is what the inside a can of whoop ass looks like. They are dirty, mean and  combat proven. Notice many of the weapons are condition one (magazine loaded) because they are ready to fight even within their outpost which is most likely shared by Afghan Army.


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These are just a couple pictures of your Marines at war, yes America, we are still at war!


Time for a CGar!

Respect-Enough said-Semper Fidelis

The small things
At the Golden Triangle Veterans Memorial park on Hwy 87 in Port Arthur , Texas on Monday May 28th (Memorial Day) 2012. My wife and I arrived at 2pm as the band began to play and the service started at 2:30pm. When we got there the pavilion was full but we were able to squeeze into the back left hand corner under the roof in the shade. While the program was going on I was listening to a friend of mine, retired Colonel Chris Lamson, with 25 years active duty in the Marines and I looked over my right shoulder and noticed the old veteran setting on the wall. His wife had been holding the umbrella over his head and laid it down to stand up where she could see the speaker and hear what was being said. When I turned to look the second time I noticed the Marine had stepped forward, picked up the umbrella and was holding it over the older gentleman. You can tell by the shadow that only the left shoulder and arm of the Marine was in the shade. Notice his right hand behind his back standing at parade rest in full dress blues. Not once did he flinch. The temperature forecast that day was predicted to be 90 degrees or more in the shade. In Southeast Texas the humidity can also match the temperature. If you have ever worn a set of dress blues you would understand how hot they are. He stood there until the service was over. When it was over I walked up to him and said " Thank you for such a kind act for the old veteran" He just looked at me and nodded as if to say, "it was my duty". As I walked away with a tear in my eye and my heart swelling it made me proud to know that the old traditions are still carried on. It was 57 years ago this summer that I joined the Marines.

Cpl. Bill Feidler
Port Arthur, TX

Lieutenant General John Kelly, USMC & Gold Star families


In February 2012, Gold Star Families of 109 Marines, soldiers, sailors or airmen lost in Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11 came to the Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco to network with each other and to help each other with the grieving process. In the past seven years, we have worked with more than 600 Gold Star families.


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Something to think about!


Source: John Moore/Getty Images Europe

Percentage who actually have served their Country in the military

Something to think about! The below was received from a friend and I think it was very well done:

I remember the day I found out I got into West Point. My mom actually showed up in the hallway of my high school and waited for me to get out of class. She was bawling her eyes out and apologizing that she had opened up my admission letter. She wasn't crying because it had been her dream for me to go there. She was crying because she knew how hard I'd worked to get in, how much I wanted to attend, and how much I wanted to be an infantry officer. I was going to get that opportunity.

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The Marine Corps Birthday-why ist the Army birthday more like the Marine's?


With the recent passing of the US Army Birthday on June 14th,  I took the opportunity to tell a couple of Army “joes” with us “Happy Birthday”. Their response, it’s interesting that I have to learn it’s our birthday from a Marine. I didn’t expect that.  I thought they would know their birthday. I thought they would celebrate it, but they didn’t, they didn’t even know it was their birthday.

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