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May 28, 2012



I wish this oxygen thief would read OMV. This is why America is crumbling.....

Chris Hayes (MSNBC): I'm 'Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Military 'Heroes'

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2012/05/27/chris-hayes-im-uncomfortable-calling-fallen-military-heroes#ixzz1wA7iSLgx

To all "Fallen Military" you are heroes!!!!

Mike P

To some of us, every day is Memorial Day. Semper Fi.

Sandy B

Thank you Maj


RIP :'(

Karen I.

I agree with Jake. My spiritual arms are around our heroes and their families, friends, and communities.


MSNBC needs to do the right thing and fire this clown immediately.




Maj Pain

Spot on, everyday is Memorial Day but in today's America our younger generation don’t see it that way, at least the ones that don’t serve. This MSNBC assclown should not only apologize but be fired and sent overseas with a one way ticket where he can make a better evaluation on what our heroes are doing (doubt his manicured hands will like it though). That goes for any other non loving American out there sucking off the freedom provided by our heroes. Perhaps in happydappy land you can shield the word hero and prevent wars (what is he thinking?) and this guy is on TV??? WTF?
You think our warriors that paid the ultimate price aren’t heroes? You like communism? Move to China; let me know how it works out for ya. You don’t like America? Its simple, leave and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. But for all that is holy, if you try to desecrate my fellow warriors that have given all, you just rounded the wrong freaking corner sweetheart! Please feel free to send me a rebuttal MSNBC, I’ll be the one with the shaved head and CGAR!
God Bless America!

VFW Seeks Apology After MSNBC Host's 'Reprehensible and Disgusting' Comments

Maj Pain

MSNBC Jackwagon issues apoligy.....Not good enough....Pack your shit Sweetheart!



Who are the big MSNBC advertising sponsors? I would not mind letting them know that I will not buy their products as long as this clown is still employed there.


Hitting the mark as usual Maj-Semper Fi

Cecila Hefner

Those evils that were defeated in the past and even today.

Malika Shay

it cost many of them their lives both yesteryear and today.

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