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April 20, 2012


Steve the Marine

If they could pass the “male” Marine PFT and could perform everything the men are required to do then sure. However, men are naturally designed to “take care” of women. Its in their DNA. When a truck full of female Marines got blown up in Iraq, it affected the men picking up their body parts morthan any other previous simular detail. The Marine “lioness” are attached to Marine units. They don’t always stay out with the units they are supporting because in Afg it was deemed “too dangerous”. Thus, the above unit had to make special arrangements to transport the lioness back to the FOB, and they set a pattern and were killed. One could argue that if they didn’t have to go back, the women Marines and men that were killed would be alive today.

Ladies, ever spent 40+ days without a shower while someone is trying to kill you? We had females attached to us that required out of the routine helo extracts back to bigger FOBs because of Hygiene monthly issues. Think about what those helos might have been doing if they weren’t making a special trip? Logistics, medivacs?

To earn the respect of fellow Marines, women “infantry” officers will have to meet the same standards the men are required to meet otherwise the Marine Corps just received another big crack in its armour.

Floyd Sgt USMC (Veteran)

The Marine Corps is becoming so soft, I can't wait to hear all of the Army guys ragging on us.


It's not only, or even specifically, about physical capability.

It's also about the reality of human behavior.

Put a mixed sex platoon of grunts on an isolated COP way out in nowhereland and what's gonna happen? People will be paying lots of attention to everything except those duties required to stay alive. That's what.

The Russians quit using mixed sex units in combat arms for a good reason. Years of experience taught them that it just doesn't work.

Back to the physical part...

Check the records at the service academies. Females undergoing field training suffer significantly more injuries to stress fractures, spine damage, tendon and joint damage than do the males. That is consistent, year to year in every class.

This idiocy is driven by nothing more than the usual wishful thinking of brain dead utopianists. And, in the last century or so, nothing has slaughtered more people than brain dead utopianism.

I blame Clinton.

Jean Weingartner

I as a woman think they should not get a speacial test if they can't handle the test the MEN have to do and pass then they are not in.I'm not in the Military but as a citizen and a woman I'm sick of the womens libs trying to think they are better then men or think they are equal to them well sorry ladies your not GOD DIDN'T INTEND IT THAT WAY.GOD BLESS OUR BRAVE HONORABLE MEN AND STAY SAFE.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE I DO APPRECIATE AND PRAY FOR ALL AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Kevin J Kehoe

It's not about career advancement, it is all about the Destruction of the U.S. Military pure and simple!

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