Vietnam War hero Spc. Leslie H. Sabo Jr. to get posthumous Medal of Honor
A welcome home suprise for a military family

The 2012 Milblog awards - One Marine's View


The 2012 Milblog awards voting for military blogs opened today. My blog, One Marine's View has been nominated for the 2012 Milblog awards " Marine Blog".  Go to the link below and under Best U.S. Marine Corps Blog Nominations click on "See nominations" . You will see One Marine's View. Simply click on the circle next to One Marine's View. Its that easy.  If you feel inclined to pass this to your friends via email or Facebook its much appreciated

Thanks for the vote & for supporting all of your warriors!
Semper Fidelis
Maj Pain

(Voting has ended)


Mike P

Done Sir. Semper Fi.


Good luck man. I start my day with your posts.

Ms. B'havin'

Geez, Maj, that pic was taken when you You need a new photo. Wear the fox hat!!

Bruce Knipp

Well done Marine, well done, Semper Fi

Maj Pain

Thanks warriors, appreciate the help and participation. This blog is yours as much as its mine. Semper Fi


Done and posted on Facebook and forwarding to all I know will want to support you and your true honest blogs. Thanks for what you do.....


You know I got your 6 Major. I'm also beginning to enjoy filling in for you at the Awards Ceremony. Maybe one day you'll ride into my AO and pick up the one from last year.
Semper Fi Devil Dog

Maj Pain

Thanks warriors-all of the blogs are kick ass! I appreciate your vote.
Concrete-you know I got the first round when I do my friend!!

Kellye Allan

The 2012 Milblog awards voting for military blogs opened today.

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