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Sgt. Dennis Weichel-sergeant who gave life to save Afghan child (This is NSN)

Dennis Weichel 1
I’m sure you heard about this on your local news station? No? Big surprise.  Only until major news stations (Fox) picked this up did it begin to receive a bit of attention. People, this is the kind of news Americans should be hearing, theis is No Shit News! This is a case where one man made a difference at the right time in a split second. Many warriors deploy and even fell like they might not have made a difference over their 7 month deployment although they did and just don’t immediately see it. This warrior knew what he had to do and frankly probably knew it would cost him his life. Where do we get such men?

Time for a CGar

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Navy reopens Marine Corps Medal of Honor case


Gang-This is a great story, one high school kids should be reading about. The case was closed and there was dispute to weather this hero was "conscious" enough to knowingly throw his body on a grenade saving several other Marines. You got to love when arm chair quarterbacks want to scrutinize our heroes from back in the United States.

By Gina Cavallaro - Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday Mar 20, 2012 15:29:06 EDT

The Navy Department will reopen the valor case of Marine Corps Sgt. Rafael Peralta based on new evidence that reportedly removes any doubt about the infantryman’s actions during his waning moments of life seven years ago in Iraq.

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Sgt. Rex and Ex-Marine Handler to Be Reunited


This is an update from this post

It looks like Sgt.  Rex, the Marine bomb-sniffing dog, will finally be reunited with his former handler, who had launched a high-profile campaign to adopt him.

The Marine Corps said today that the German shepherd has been found to be suitable for adoption and that once the paperwork is completed Rex will be reunited with his one-time handler, former Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey.

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Thought your Monday was bad? Suck it up!

Thought your Monday was bad? Check out these gunfighters as you catch a glimpse of their day. Despite being shot at, blown up and in the fight, these warriors in out posts don’t have running water, haven’t seen their families in months and are damn proud to stand tall and keep the enemy at bay. Perhaps you can keep that in mind when you tell someone “man my day was tough” and perhaps just be a bit more grateful for those living on basically minimum wage, facing severe budget cuts being forward deployed and yes, still kicking butt! How easy we as American take what we have or are losing for granted. They don’t! Time for a CGar!

It aint easy being green -Happy St Patty's Day


Mike McCracken, a former Marine, leads the Leatherneck Pipes & Drums during the 249th St. Patrick's Day

 Gang-Wishing you all a “lucky” St Patty’s Day. In New York a good friend (Fireman) and a bunch of fellow Marines will be marching in the St Patty’s Day parade.  I’m a big fan of Guinness beer. It’s a food group! Plus it goes good with CGars! However so do all of these fine Irish Whiskiey’s .

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Why are we in Afg & who is there on your behalf?


Gang-With everything (shootings/diarmings....) going on in Afg, I would like to remind everyone why we are in Afg and exactly WHO we are dealing with by the outstanding speach below.  Get a cup of coffee, sit down and read it, then read it again. You wont regret it. Im having another CGar and reading it once more-Time for a CGar!

Semper Fi Society
St Louis
13 November 2010

 John F. Kelly
Lieutenant General, U. S. Marine Corps
Commander, Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North

I want to open my comments by thanking you all for the invitation to speak here today. Nine years ago two of four commercial aircraft took off very close to where we are sitting this very moment. United flight 175 and American flight 11 were filled with 146 men, woman and children, all innocent, and all soon to die.

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